How Your Clients’ Feedback Can Inspire a Successful Healing Business

Do you suffer from crippling physical pain in your body? Have you ever wondered why some people’s physical pain remains, despite them seeking medical treatment? On this week’s episode of Bond Appetit, I sit down with founder of The Bostick Institute Jim Bostock to uncover why this is.

Jim is renowned for his ability to relieve people’s physical pain quickly and effectively. A highly successful healer, Jim has freed thousands of people from debilitating physical pain through his neuromuscular healing method when other treatment simply wasn’t doing the trick. For the past 18 years, Jim has healed over 10,000 individuals, many of whom had been trying to relieve their bodies of pain for years.

Jim began his career as a physiotherapist, only to question why people’s healing was taking so long. After listening closely to his clients’ feedback and applying his knowledge of the human body, Jim began forming his own holistic healing methods. Today, he’s refined his research into the highly successful Bostock Needle Technique. Derived from dry needling and acupuncture, this technique targets irritated nerves and trigger points using needles and relieves nerve pain quickly and effectively.

In a recent episode of Bond Appetit, Jim and I chatted about his success, his passion for serving people, and the impact of his clients’ feedback in shaping the success of his business. 

The Relationship Between Our Bodies and Brains

Jim explains that our physical bodies are constantly communicating with us. If we have a physical pain that won’t heal naturally, what does that mean? 

‘The brain must be protecting the area,’ Jim explains. ‘It does that via the nervous system. That’s the body saying ‘man, you really annoyed me. You scared me and annoyed me. I’m now looking after you.’

As part of the Bostock Needle Technique, Jim finds these areas and effectively ‘resets’ them. He’s experienced so much success resetting these protected areas—or, as he calls them, ‘nerve locks’— that if he can’t heal someone, he knows they have another problem contributing to their physical pain.

The Impact of Clients’ Feedback:

Transitioning from a physiotherapist to a holistic healer took time. Jim utilised his clients’ feedback in conjunction with his knowledge of the human body to guide the Bostock Needle Technique. In fact, he still uses this feedback to refine his technique today.

Not only has this feedback been an intrinsic influence in Jim’s business, it also reminds Jim why he works as a healer. Jim admits that the effect of his work can feel somewhat numb to him after all these years. But every now and then, a client’s gratitude and results has a powerful impact on him. 

Jim talks us through some of his astonishing interactions healing people who have suffered for years, and how these powerful interactions have driven his work. Over the years, Jim has learnt to accept his role as a healer and embraced the potential he has for changing people’s lives.

Listen to the full episode here:

Author: Ronsley Vaz

Ronsley is the founder & chief day dreamer at AMPLIFY. He is an author, speaker & serial entrepreneur.

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