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At Amplify we believe by providing people with a challenging yet highly flexible workplace we can deliver efficient, innovative and consistently high-quality outputs for our clients.

Amplify's mission is clear. Find a group of great people. Give them the freedom to create the world they wish to live in.

Then give them a voice.

We create the happiest, most highly-skilled, most loyal and responsive people in the industry.

Our core values

People First

Freedom Second

Open & Honest

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Industry Innovators

Positions available

Marketing Executioner

Are you a digital marketing rock star who has high energy, a positive attitude, is well connected, hard-working and looking to take the next step in your career with an award-winning Marketing Agency? You will have a leadership role in our dynamic, creative and supportive team. This role is permanent, full time.  

What We're Looking For

01. Responsible for social media strategy development, directing content creation, including graphic design and video.

02. The successful candidate will be familiar with advanced measurement of engagement and attention metrics across platforms and understand how to interpret, evaluate and communicate campaign results in order to make client recommendations.  

03. Experience in implementing paid digital marketing strategies including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SEO / SEM / Google AdWords, e-marketing, lead funnels etc.

04. Strong working knowledge and experience in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other digital platforms

Account Manager

Are you a client champion who has high energy, a positive attitude, is well connected, hard-working and looking to take the next step in your career with an award-winning Marketing Agency? We are seeking an experienced, highly driven Account Manager to join our creative team.

What We're Looking For

01. Be the primary point of contact and build long-term relationships with customers

02. Help customers through email, phone, online presentations, screen-share and in-person meetings

03. Develop a trusted advisor relationship with key accounts, customer stakeholders and executive sponsors

04. Ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs and objectives

05. Communicate clearly the progress of monthly/quarterly initiatives to internal and external stakeholders and forecast and track key account metrics

Podcast & Audio Producer

Are you passionate about creating high-quality podcasts and audio content? Editing content that will attract influencers and drive social change globally? Amplify Agency is seeking an experienced, podcast and audio producer to join our audio and content team.

What We're Looking For

01. Good Communication: Be able to interact with and provide direction to our clients on their podcasts and audio and written content

02. Producing and editing a storyline podcast before (heavily edited audio podcast)

03. Good time management with the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once

04. Feedback: Be able to give clients and team feedback and improvement suggestions

Content Writer

At Amplify, we want to help our clients find the right words. We even want to help them find the words for the conversations they don’t even know they need to have! 

What We're Looking For

01. Be a podcast listener

02. At least 1+ years of content creation experience

03. Strong sense of narrative and creative storytelling ability

04. Creative and practical