Our Ultrasonic offerings are for those businesses that would like a digital marketing strategy & implementation done for them. Imagine never being worried about the content your business produces. If you would like that to happen and be present across every social platform your customers are present on, then ultrasonic is for you

How big is your team?

Less than 3 Team Members

If you ever wanted to create regular content across multiple platforms on an economical budget on a regular basis then Amplify Economy covers your needs.

Amplify Economy

Amplify Lite is for early startup businesses that are looking to generate leads by having a presence on multiple platforms.

This package is for businesses who already have a validated product-market fit and want to invest in differentiating themselves from their competitors.

3 - 7 Team Members

Having a marketing strategist, a graphics designer, a web developer, a podcast producer, a story teller, an email marketing expert and content writers with social media strategists on staff is a bit of a challenge.

Amplify Economy allows you to get attention across 15-20 platforms and convert that attention into engagement and lead capture.

Amplify First Class

Amplify First Class is for small businesses that are primarily looking to generate attention and turn that attention into warm leads.

This package is for businesses that are looking to ramp up their marketing and get maximum impact from authentic content.

8 - 15 Team Members

If you don’t want to pay full time salaries for an entire marketing team that is really good at some aspects but not in others, and if you don’t want the hassle of managing them then Amplify Blue Chip solves that problem for you. Take attention, turn them into leads and into clients with this package.

Amplify Blue Chip

If your business is at a stage where you are looking to hire an entire marketing team to handle your business, then Amplify Blue Chip is for you. We will plug our whole team into your business which includes web developers, content writers, marketing strategists, social media experts, email marketers and podcast publishers. You will also get a project lead that will be your point of call to your whole marketing team.


  • Monthly Content Gathering
  • Social Media Content Created
  • Industry Content Curated
  • Social Media Posting
  • Upto 8 articles written
  • Upto 2 LinkedIn summary articles written
  • Lead Magnets Created
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Blue Chip

  • SEO Optimisation
  • Video Production
  • Small WordPress Website Work
  • Online Product Creation + Delivery
  • Up to 2 Product Launches
  • Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Monthly Content Gathering
  • Social Media Content Created
  • Industry Content Curated
  • Social Media Posting
  • Unlimited articles written
  • Unlimited LinkedIn summary articles
  • Unlimited Lead Magnets requests
  • Unlimited Market Research requests
  • Unlimited Graphics Design
  • Guest & External Blog Posting
  • Total Podcast Production
  • Podcast Publication
  • Lead Capture + Email Automation
  • Email Nurture Sequences
  • Leadpage Creation
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