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Ready to go ultrasonic?

Our Ultrasonic offerings are for those businesses that would like a digital marketing strategy & implementation done for them. Imagine never being worried about the content your business produces. If you would like that to happen and be present across every social platform your customers are present on, then ultrasonic is for you.
Some people have a lot to say they just don’t know exactly how or where to say it. Some people want to create a podcast but don’t know how to get started. For these folks, we’ve created a blueprint for effectively broadcasting your message, and it’s built from the backbone of Ronsley’s experience creating a podcast that has reached over 3 million listeners.

"The beauty of what Amplify does for us is that they create a whole content marketing echo chamber of assets. I couldn’t recommend Amplify more."

Glen Carlson, Co-founder of Dent.Global

The audio difference

Amplify’s audio-centric approach provides a number of benefits that other marketing approaches simply don’t.

Audio allows for:

• The growth of deeper connections and relationships at scale
• Content consumption that doesn’t require 100% focus
• Higher attention capture and long-form storytelling
• Time saved, sales made, and higher degrees of trust built

As audio consumption gets set to eclipse 12 billion hours in 2018, Amplify exists as a leader in a rapidly expanding field.

Our options

3-7 Team Members

Amplify First Class is for small businesses that are primarily looking to generate attention and turn that attention into warm leads. This package is for businesses that are looking to ramp up their marketing and get maximum impact from authentic content.

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Having a marketing strategist, a graphics designer, a web developer, a podcast producer, a story teller, an email marketing expert and content writers with social media strategists on staff is a bit of a challenge.

Amplify Economy allows you to get attention across 15-20 platforms and convert that attention into engagement and lead capture.

8-15 Team Members

If you don’t want to pay full time salaries for an entire marketing team that is really good at some aspects but not in others, and if you don’t want the hassle of managing them then Amplify Blue Chip solves that problem for you. Take attention, turn them into leads and into clients with this package.

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If your business is at a stage where you are looking to hire an entire marketing team to handle your business, then Amplify Blue Chip is for you.

We will plug our whole team into your business which includes web developers, content writers, marketing strategists, social media experts, email marketers and podcast publishers.

You will also get a project lead that will be your point of call to your whole marketing team.

"I can tell you directly my podcast and Ronsley has brought me over $80,000 worth of business. Clearly commercially it’s been worth it, but for me the worth in question extends beyond the commercial return."

Dr. Jesse Green - The Saavy Dentist Podcast

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