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The entire existence of Amplify is an outgrowth of people asking for things and the identification of glaring needs. Here you’ll find none of the ‘this is our great product you should buy it’ style hubris.

Instead, you’ll find an array of products and services that are carefully attuned to needs and fire tested. You’ll find hard-won experience and a collection of people highly skilled in the nuance of audio production, amplification, and promotion.

Amplify’s audio-centric approach provides several benefits that other marketing approaches simply don’t.

Audio allows for:

  • The growth of deeper connections and relationships at scale
  • Content consumption that doesn’t require 100% focus
  • Higher attention capture and long-form storytelling
  • Time saved, sales made, and higher degrees of trust built

As audio consumption gets set to eclipse 12 billion hours in 2018, Amplify exists as a leader in a rapidly expanding field.

"The beauty of what Amplify does for us is that they create a whole content marketing echo chamber of assets. I couldn’t recommend Amplify more."

Glen Carlson, Co-founder of Dent.Global

Let us make your podcast

Some people have a lot to say they just don’t know exactly how or where to say it. Some people want to create a podcast but don’t know how to get started.

For these folks, we’ve created a blueprint for effectively broadcasting your message, and it’s built from the backbone of Ronsley’s experience creating a podcast that has reached over 3 million listeners (and growing).

Choose 1 or 2 or all 3

Podcast Pre-Production

Pre-production takes the set up out of your hands and gets you started on your podcast the right way. There is a lot of technical skilled required to get a podcast up and running and our proven background in creating hit shows means this option will have you in the right hands from day 1.

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  • Creation of 1 special audio promo
  • Hardware bought & shipped to you
  • Hardware Setup by Amplify Team
  • Software Setup by Amplify Team
  • Interview Audio Capture Training
  • Podcast Description
  • Guest Invite Templates
  • Guest Thank You Templates
  • Setup of Media Host
  • Submit Podcast to iTunes, Spotify
  • Dropbox & Slack
  • Setup for audio capture
  • Creation of Intro & Outro
  • Podcast Cover Art

Podcast Production

Designed for businesses or solopreneurs who want consistent  content and to establish themselves across various platforms. We take the guess work out of your podcast creation - you give us the audio and we give you back a podcast episode ready to go

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  • Mastering to broadcast standards
  • Audio Compression
  • Noise Reduction
  • Audio Equalising
  • Audio Edit to Top & Tail Episode
  • Insertion of Intro & Special Segments
  • Insertion of podcast pre-recorded Intros & Outros
  • Insertion of CTAs & Promos
  • Highly produced mp3 file
  • Shownotes for each episode with including episode summary, topics covered, links mentioned
  • mp3 File Tagged with image, links & keywords
  • Edit and remove audio mistakes
  • Insertion of Sponsor Reads

Podcast Post-Production

In this step, you will take this authentic content that you’ve created through your audio platform and put it across every single other platform. Every single aspect will be consistent in your messaging. You will be marketable, you will be visible and it will no longer be possible to dismiss you.

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  • Transcription of whole produced episode
  • Social Media Messages for 3 platforms
  • Blog Image
  • Episode Square Image
  • Social Media Images
  • Blog Post Article 500 Words
  • mp3 file uploaded to media host
  • Shownotes uploaded to media host & website

"I can tell you directly my podcast and Ronsley has brought me over $80,000 worth of business. Clearly commercially it’s been worth it, but for me the worth in question extends beyond the commercial return."

Dr. Jesse Green - The Saavy Dentist Podcast

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