Title Image, 66. Volume: Katie Acheson: Youth Inclusion

66. Volume: Katie Acheson: Youth Inclusion

We’re always told that young people are the future, yet we shut down their ideas as naive. What if it’s actually the opposite? The youth of today haven’t yet been moulded and trained in our tired old ways of thinking. Perhaps their fresh perspective is the key to the future. We should listen to the youth.

In this volume of The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

Katie Acheson wants us to listen to the youth.

When it comes to the youth of the world, Katie knows all about the untapped insight they possess. As a youth advocate, Katie has over 20 years of experience of designing and implementing interventions, all designed to engage, empower and create collaborative communities. Katie is also co-founder and CEO of NAPS, Numbers and People Synergy. This unique company creates a bridge between data and policy to enhance social development.

You only have to speak to Katie for a few minutes to realise how incredibly passionate she is about empowering young people. It’s a common misnomer that young people are too naive to effectively contribute to ongoing social conversations. Katie feels exactly the opposite, actually. Young people haven’t yet been jaded to adapt to the thinking that some would argue is holding us back. They’re free to experiment, to think outside the box and contribute valuable knowledge to every conversation. It’s on us, as the older generations, to listen to them.

This volume is all about listening to those that we may have underestimated in the past. As someone who is constantly engaging with youth, Katie knows we can do better. In order to make positive change now, and change for the future, we have to get inside the minds of those who see things with clear eyes. And to do that, we need to listen.

Also within this volume:

Image conatining a quote: I’m very passionate about young people having a say in what happens in the world and decision-makers listening to them as experts.

  • Clubhouse and why you should join
  • Katie’s proudest moment
  • Passing the mic
  • What the youth can show us
  • Does University still have a role to play?
  • The world that opens up when you listen
  • The power of options
  • Disagreeing in a healthy way
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Youth Action Video

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Ronsley is the founder & chief day dreamer at AMPLIFY. He is an author, speaker & serial entrepreneur.

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