Michael Gerber on How to Design, Build and Launch Your Business So That It Grows Exponentially

Michael Gerber on How to Design, Build and Launch Your Business So That It Grows Exponentially

The Business over Breakfast podcast is all about helping small business owners navigate their way through the often difficult and complex world of entrepreneurship, and so it was an extra special treat for the show’s listeners when Andrew entertained small business legend, Michael Gerber, in an hour-long interview.

The Man

Michael’s career speaks for itself – his first book, The E-Myth, has been acknowledged as the #1 small business and entrepreneurial book of all time by The Wall Street Journal, and its concepts have been applied in 145 countries, 29 languages and taught in 118 universities. In this conversation, Michael talked about the release of his latest book, Beyond the E-Myth, and shared dozens of great, inspirational tips for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. In this article, we’re going over a few of those key points, and looking at the drive that fuels Michael’s passion.  

The Career

Michael started his entrepreneurial journey over 40 years ago in 1975. As he explained to Andrew, he was always looking for what was missing from the big picture, and as soon as he got invested in the world of small business, he noticed a fundamental problem: that businesses owned by people with technical skills rather entrepreneurial ability needed help… or they were doomed to fail.

Since making this realisation, Michael began the E-Myth series – a number of programmes and books that help business owners unleash their inner-entrepreneur. To date, he’s directly helped thousands of small businesses take off in a big way and indirectly helped even more through his books and content… including Andrew and Bree.

The Legend – ary Books

As he told Andrew, his latest book takes the building-block ideas of the E-Myth series and applies them to the new paradigm of the 21st century economy. With the market being in as poor a shape as it has for many decades, Michael explained that it’s now more important than ever to apply sound, tried-and-tested techniques. And those are the techniques he expounds upon in Beyond the E-Myth.

Michael’s latest book contains the four critical components that exist in every true entrepreneur, the turnkey system that will help your business to scale exponentially and the three attitudes you need to have to grow a company of one to a company of 1,000.

Beyond the EMyth

Michael’s work and systems have been revered ever since he started sharing them with the world, and his conversation with Andrew proves that he’s still up for the fight. At the age of 80 years’ old, he’s as full of passion and energy as ever. Go ahead and check out the book and the interview to get an in-depth look into the works of one of the most successful small business consultants of all time.  

This is an interview that I did with Michael E Gerber on the Bond Appetit Podcast…

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