Melissa Histon on Giving a Voice to Your Passion

229. Melissa Histon on Giving a Voice to Your Passion

Podcasting is such a beautiful way to give a voice to your passion. It also empowers others to use their voices in ways they might not have attempted otherwise. When given a platform like podcasting, compassionate, intelligent women always shine.

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If you’re thinking about starting a podcast or simply looking for a better way to get your message out to your audience, then this is the podcast for you.Quote: Podcasting is a really beautiful way, I’ve discovered, to either use your voice, or give someone a voice.

On this episode, Melissa Histon, host of the Hey Soul Sista podcast, shares her incredible story. After going on a trip to Nepal to take part in the making of the documentary “Latitude”, she became frighteningly aware of the atrocities of sex trafficking. It was always something she was aware of, but this experience humanised it in a way that changed her forever. From that point on, she knew she wanted to help women who had suffered abuse.

Melissa’s experience in Nepal led to the creation of Got Your Back Sista. This charitable organisation has been sourcing furniture and household items to women fleeing domestic violence for four and a half years now. It was of that spirit that Hey Soul Sista was born. Melissa’s sole purpose in life is to give a voice to women who have spent the majority of their lives feeling unheard.

In this conversation, Melissa gets into the things that drive her the spirit of her show. She explains the evolutionary process that happens with all podcasts, and how she’s learning as she goes. At the end of the day, Melissa just wants her audience to know that we’re all more similar than we are different. And that we’re all just trying to do our best every day.

Other great takeaways from this episode:
  • Melissa’s eye-opening experience in Nepal
  • The heartbreaking facts of sex trafficking
  • What domestic violence really looks like
  • Why it’s so important to allow people to be vulnerable
  • Why the vagina episode has been the most popular one yet
  • More talk on vaginas. Vaginas, vaginas, vaginas
  • How you can help

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