Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies, Success Stories and Hacks for Local Businesses, Franchises and Location-based Brands

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies, Success Stories and Hacks for Local Businesses, Franchises and Location-based Brands

The Location Station podcast is all about helping small businesses and location-based brand marketers stay ahead of the curve with their marketing.

Launching mid-January 2017

We’re kicking off with ten episodes in January. Here are some of the fantastic guests we have lined up so far:

  • Microsoft’s search marketing expert, Purna Virji
  • Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute founder, Paul Roetzer
  • Leading Facebook marketing expert, Jon Loomer
  • Adam Franklin, social media speaker and author of Web Marketing That Works
  • ex-Facebook and Twitter employee/brand storyteller, Nick Bowditch
  • And David Jenyns, author of Authority Content

Local Marketing?

If I asked you what ‘local marketing’ means, how would you respond? You might say, ‘Oh, local marketing is for small brick and mortar stores, businesses who just need a basic website and an active Facebook page.’ Well, yes it is for those businesses. But we believe local marketing is so much more. We believe that every business and brand needs to adopt a truly localised, personalised marketing strategy if they want to compete in 2017 and beyond. Look at the raging success of Pokemon Go’s mobile, augmented-reality app experience. You think some local businesses benefited off the back of Pokemon Go’s success? You bet they did. This is just one example of how location technology is influencing our experiences with brands.

Our show is not just another small business marketing podcast. We’re not aiming to give you entry-level, vanilla information that helps you build a ‘solid presence’ online. We’re not interested in helping you simply ‘exist’ in your market or markets. We’re hoping to provide a practical resource that helps you innovate and create systems within your business to produce outstanding marketing. We really want our small business and corporate listeners to be on the cutting edge of location-based marketing technology. We encourage our podcast guests to bring their A grade stuff – not just cliche tips and basic ideas.

The Goal

Our goal for each episode of The Location Station podcast is to create a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario:

  • Our listeners WIN by learning how to market their business or brand better
  • Our guests WIN by gaining exposure in podcast directories, social and in search engines
  • We WIN because we get to make new friends, learn from others’ experiences and have awesome content to share with our audience.

Below is a full summary of our show and episode topics. We hope you listen to a few episodes and share with anybody you feel would benefit from hearing our message.



p.s. If you ever have any feedback on the interview quality, the topics, or anything at all, please email me directly here. ANY USEFUL FEEDBACK is welcome! From the production quality, to the episode topics, to my interviewing skills, to how the show is promoted. If you feel we can run our podcast better, please don’t hesitate to tell us your suggestions. Grill me if you think it is warranted! I might cry a little inside, but the rest of the Vicinity team won’t be offended! We’re committed to making the show as relevant and useful as possible, which means learning from our mistakes!

The Location Station Podcast – Our audience and common questions

Questions we are  answering for our audience

  • Why is a localised marketing strategy important for my business or brand?
  • What are the different ways I can do location-based marketing and how do they work?
  • How do I decide which marketing tactics are right for my business?
  • How do I actually DO local marketing effectively and generate a strong ROI?
  • Where is local marketing headed in the future and how do I stay ahead of the curve?

Our tone / personality

Fun, casual and cheeky but with a focus on giving our audience practical, valuable advice and insights to help them grow their businesses.

Podcast description and Digital Marketing Strategies

Need to do local marketing better? We interview marketing experts and business owners to bring you all the most effective strategies for location-based business growth. The Location Station podcast is for small and medium-sized company owners, large brand marketers and anybody who wants to grow their share in localised markets (online AND offline).

From dentists to airports, plumbers to shopping malls, if location is important to your business or brand, this is the marketing podcast for you.

Some of the location-based marketing strategies and stories we cover include:

  • Location-based marketing technology
  • Facebook ads for localised engagement
  • Local SEO and link building
  • Digital analytics, call tracking and reporting
  • Google Adwords pay per click search engine marketing
  • Database marketing and automation
  • Business websites and user experience design
  • Beacon technology for local marketing
  • Artificial intelligence for local Marketing
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality for marketing
  • Joint ventures and business partnerships
  • Blogging and podcasting for local business
  • Online reputation management and reviews
  • Local marketing strategy
  • Business storytelling, branding and design
  • Content marketing and storytelling
  • Peer-to-peer / Sharing economy marketplace marketing
  • Drone technology for marketers
  • Local business online video marketing
  • Digital marketing for local retailers
  • Customer service ‘hacks’
  • Local franchise marketing
  • Social media advertising and contests
  • Direct mail lead generation
  • Local display advertising and retargeting
  • Mobile marketing, advertising and SEO
  • Local business growth hacking and guerrilla marketing
  • Marketing tools and apps
  • Offshoring your marketing team
  • Reviews and reputation management
  • Local online marketing for franchises and corporate brands
  • Lead aggregators, directories and classifieds marketing
  • Instagram marketing for local businesses
  • Pinterest marketing for local businesses
  • Snapchat marketing for local businesses
  • Loyalty programs
  • And many more…

Call to action time!

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Author: Ronsley Vaz

Ronsley is the founder & chief day dreamer at AMPLIFY. He is an author, speaker & serial entrepreneur.

He has a Masters’ degree in Software Engineering and an MBA in Psychology and Leadership. He is known as the creator of We Are Podcast – the first Podcasting Conference in the Southern Hemisphere, and the host of The Bond Appetit Podcast and Should I Start a Podcast. He has an audience of over 3 million in 133 countries.

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