9: Why you should appreciate your food-body relationship with Nida Kazmi

Nida has an amazing story and a roller-coaster of a ride with her relationship with food. She moved to the United States from Pakistan, bringing with her the intense flavours of Pakistani foods. Nida talks about how she went on a journey to find out how she could be healthy, both physically and emotionally. Nida talks about minerals and how adding the right minerals to her daily food intake, changed her life.

Nida’s on a mission to empower men. She believes that empowering men will set the stage to create a generation of children that are motivated by their men role models. Nida is in the process of creating a coaching course for men to provide a platform to empower a generation of evolved male figures.

Nida talks about her journey with Lyme disease and Acne. She goes into great detail on how she approached her predicament of fixing her relationship with food, so that she could be emotionally and mentally stronger to focus on tackling her mission. 


Nutrition and Cooking

What foods to avoid

  • Non-organic
  • Gluten products
  • Sodas
  • Junk Foods
  • Sugars

What foods to actively seek out

  • Organic meats
  • Free range eggs
  • Organic veggies and fruits
  • Kale, Spinach, Broccoli
  • Nuts
  • Dates
  • Raw bars

Nida fondest food memories

Nida loves corn on the cob that she remembers from when she was young in Pakistan. She loves mutton Biryani, which is a rice dish with meat that I love too. 

Exercise Routine

Regular walks and swims.

Cooking tips

  • Uses her Vitamix
  • She adds other veggies to her tomato sauce
  • She makes a base sauce that can turn into multiple dishes
  • She makes a wicked raw-vegan Alfredo base sauce

Quickest Meals

She makes a quick noodle dish with her Alfredo base sauce. 

Tips on reducing wastage

Shop every week for her fresh produce.


Know more about Nida 

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

Anthony Hopkins at elBulli in Spain.

Last meal on the planet?

A real Kobe steak


Where to find Nida

9: Why you should appreciate your food-body relationship with Nida Kazmi

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