89. How to Get Well and Stay Well by Just Going Natural with Katherine Maslen

89. How to Get Well and Stay Well by just going natural with Katherine Maslen

89. How to Get Well and Stay Well by just going natural with Katherine Maslen

Katherine Maslen is a Brisbane based naturopath and nutritionist, the author of “Get Well Stay Well” and the founder of Brisbane Natural Health.

Katherine is one of Australia’s leading naturopaths and has treated over 2,500 people. She treats everything from women’s health, fertility issues, autoimmune disease, to chronic illnesses.


In this episode we talk about:


  • What is good health, and what are the factors that contribute to it?
  • How Katherine started down this path
  • How “we live in a society that is promoting sick care, and not health care” and that medical care in this country focuses on managing symptoms rather than encouraging preventative health.
  • The gluten free diet and chronic inflammation
  • Lies people are told about food
  • Food labeling & deciphering food
  • Katherine’s book
  • Stress and it’s affect on your body and tips to break the stress cycle
  • Naturopaths, and why they are the bomb
  • Environmental stress – what it means and what we should be looking out for
  • Plastics, why you should avoid them
  • An explanation of funky tongue, and how important the tongue is in diagnosis.
  • Certified organic vs “natural”
  • Biodynamic produce
  • GST free diet
  • Nature deprivation, ‘earthing’, and the benefits of getting outdoors
  • Vitamin D deficiencies
  • The Torres del Paine National Park 7 day trek.
  • Some great advice – there isn’t one right way with food, avoid a blanket approach, everyone has different needs.

Nutrition and Meal Plans

What foods to avoid

  • cereal
  • low fat food
  • sugar
  • reconstituted food
  • preservatives
  • additives
  • canned vegetables
  • processed foods
  • processed grains
  • crackers
  • soft drink
  • wheat

What foods to actively seek out

  • spelt, rye or kamut flour
  • unprocessed foods
  • organic veggies
  • organic meat
  • organic fruit
  • organic eggs
  • passata
  • coconut milk
  • quinoa
  • legumes
  • organic foods

Katherine’s fondest food memories

Christmas – the excitement of Santa’s impending arrival, while being surrounded by food and family. She also remembers cooking biscuits and cakes with her older sister.

Exercise Routine

  • running
  • yoga
  • stretching
  • bushwalking

Quick Dinner Ideas

Dhal Curry made with with split red lentils, onions, spices, garlic, pumpkin, eggplant, passata, and a little coconut milk.


Know more about Katherine

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

“Jamie Oliver, at Six Senses Samui, Koh Samui”

Last meal on the planet?

A 12 course meal, with matching wine or “as much as you can eat until you die”


Where to find Katherine










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