87. Get more bums on seats with business coach and restaurant marketer Howard Tinker

87. Get more bums on seats with business coach and restaurant marketer Howard Tinker

87. Get more bums on seats with business coach and restaurant marketer Howard Tinker

Howard Tinker is a trained psychotherapist turned business coach and restaurant marketer who is a genius in his field.

Howard has spent his life proving his childhood educators wrong. He has his MA Social Studies and Education, Psychology, Change and Learning, Psycho-therapy. His early years were spent providing support for high risk children and he pioneered treatment methods for teenagers who had committed serious crimes who would have otherwise been lost in the prison system.

After years working as a social worker he moved to the marketing industry where he used his background in psychology to develop unique marketing strategies that he has taught to restaurant owners around Australia. His business, Restaurant Profits, mentors restaurant owners on the ins and outs of marketing, and helps them to “put more bums on seats”. 

Howard is a published author with his book “More Bums On Seats” being hailed as a must read for any restaurant owner, or anyone thinking about entering the industry!


In this episode we talk about:

  • a profound childhood experience
  • dyslexia – what is it?
  • how he believes his dyslexia is an asset, not a disability
  • entrepreneurs, and problem solving
  • how Howard’s grandmother identified his strengths and helped rebuild his self esteem
  • Howard’s decision to get into social work after a soul searching trip around the world
  • working in psychotherapy and working with high risk teenagers
  • being fascinated by the minds of entrepreneurs
  • perceptions of criminals and what it is working with them
  • his first client and searching for the best kind of therapy
  • the jump from “dyslexic school failure” to a masters graduate
  • applying psychology to marketing
  • how Howard’s marketing company differs from the competition
  • unbelievable restaurant success stories
  • the shift towards fresh foods in commercial kitchens
  • the restaurant business, and understanding the numbers
  • how Masterchef is changing the Australian Restaurant Industry
  • fish and chip – Australia vs England
  • challenging his fears and overcoming his fear of public presentations 
  • Howard’s book “More Bums on Seats”


Nutrition and Meal Plans

What foods to avoid

  • avoid the middle of the supermarket – avoid the packaged, processed products

What foods to actively seek out

  • organic
  • fresh
  • fruit veg
  • food from a farmers market

Howard’s fondest food memories

  • Homes in northern, working class England were warmed with coal fires. Howard can remember his Granddad peeling potatoes, slicing them really thin, and then cooking them on a long fork over the fire. That was his Grandfathers version of homemade chips. He can remember him rolling potatoes in tin foil and cook them in the fire, then eating them with butter. His Mother would always make him a milky coffee before he left the house to do his paper round. He has fond memories of being nurtured with food.

Exercise Routine

  • walking

Quick dinner ideas

  • curries
  • chillies
  • wok food – vegetable stir fry with black bean sauce (homemade sauce)

Know more about Howard

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

 “Anthony Robbins at my house”

Last meal on the planet?

“A very long one… something really fresh, so I could celebrate life. Something like some fresh fish, vegetables, and fruit so I could really taste everything, and celebrate every bite.”

Do you have a clean eating diet plan?

Very close to the paleo diet.


More Bums On Seats – Five Steps To A Highly Successful Restaurant – Howard Tinker

The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph – Ryan Holiday

Where to find Howard








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