75. Soapboxisode with Ronsley Vaz – Yogurt

Yogurt in the supermarket

You go to the isle that display all the yogurts available and you’ll find everything but plain. You’ll see flavoured, low-fat, high in calcium, low in sugar, 99% fat free, all natural, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, probiotic, and the list goes on. There are even yogurt tubes that display in nice bright colours, “CONTAINS ACTIVE YOGURT CULTURE”. You will find the plain yogurt after you embark on what is to me, a treasure hunt.

The yogurt myths

Prevention magazine has written a very informative article on the myths of greek yogurt. It addresses all that is wrong with the world of yogurt. How we think of yogurt as the healthy option and how companies exploit that image we have about yogurt by adding unnecessary flavour, sugar and other nonsense to it. These are the 6 myths about Greek yogurt:

  1. Greek yogurt is regulated – No its not! Companies can add additional ingredients and still use the label “Greek”.
  2. Greek yogurt is all packed with protein – Not its not! Some yogurt has added protein additives as well, so the best practice is to read the label.
  3. All Greek yogurt is made the same way – The thickness of Greek yogurt is what makes it so appealing. To me anyway. But, some companies skip the straining process and add thickening agents like modified corn starch. Yuck!
  4. Greek yogurt is vegetarian – No, not every brand. Some may add gelatin to give the yogurt a slippery texture.
  5. Flavoured Greek yogurt is healthy too – No its not! This one is my favourite and I speak about this at the start.
  6. Frozen Greek yogurt is the same as regular Greek yogurt – Not its not! Please don’t eat frozen yogurt as a substitute to ice cream, thinking that you are eating healthy. The sugar content in the frozen yogurt is through the roof.

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