52. What are the important food questions you should ask yourself with Jessica Shaanan Part 1

52. What are the important food questions you should ask yourself with Jessica Shaanan Part 1

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Jessica Shaanan is the very gorgeous health and fitness geek who has a lot to say about food and nutrition. She is a yoga instructor and has been involved with healthy eating since she was twelve. She grew up in Montreal, Canada and now lives in San Diego. 

She is the girlfriend of the very talented Michael O’Neal and she takes what she puts into very very seriously. 

On this part of the episode we talk about:

  • How she got into eating healthy
  • Why she feels she has a disproportionate body (it’s all in her head, people)
  • Why women take so long to get ready
  • Her relationship with Michael 
  • The support with going to Weight Watchers and her experience with the program
  • How her mom was such a huge support for her 
  • Whether she would recommend Weight Watchers to others and how someone should approach it
  • Whether she can track back to a point in her life when she started worrying about weight
  • The two voices in our head, what they are called, and why you should be aware of them
  • Why you should free up your mental space around food and what might the causes that create those mental questions
  • How we choose our own issues and what they might be
  • How our bias in perspectives change what we see and how we perceive things 
  • Jessica’s relationship with her parents and sister
  • Why you should pause for just a second before you eat anything
  • What are the best ways to start a new habit 
  • How everyone’s culture around food dictates how they perceive food

Jess’s fondest food memories

Jessica’s fondest memory of food is a more recent one when she discovered raw food restaurants in Bali.  She also loves how people enjoy healthy food when they have a pre-conceived idea of what they are getting into. 


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