3: How to focus better when you do so much with James Douglas

James is a rock-climbing instructor at Urban Climb and a competitive climber climbing at the top Australian competitions. He is a student at the University of Queensland doing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in foreign languages.

I’ve known James for over 5 years now, and we used to meet at the climbing gym a lot. We have also been on a few rock-climbing adventures together in Brisbane.

James has recently changed his diet and has seen massive changes in his mindset, his physical capabilities, as well as his focus and energy. James wants to learn 5 foreign languages including Arabic, and wants to improve his Australian rankings in competitive climbing. He also tells us how to feel great on a Monday morning. 

Nutrition and Cooking

What foods to avoid

  • refined white wheat
  • most wheat products 

What foods to actively seek out

  • gluten free bread
  • lots of organic vegetables
  • oats
  • eggs
  • fish

James fondest food memories

James’ celebrates his granny’s birthday that is on Christmas Eve with a full English roast dinner  and Yorkshire pudding made by his granny herself. She uses veggies from her own garden as well. James’ favourite meal is English Fish and Chips

Exercise Routine

James climbs almost everyday and plays a lot of football. 

Cooking tips

  • Getting veggies delivered (fresh organic vegetables) combining health with convenience
  • Don’t follow recipes
  • Innovate with whatever you have in the house and make the simplest dishes
  • All you need is a saucepan to make amazing food
  • Imagine the flavour of the ingredients before you add ingredients to your food
  • Use cumin seeds on anything savoury to make it awesome


Tips on reducing wastage

Before you think you need to go shopping, look in the fridge and take out stuff that is in there that you think you can’t use. Put it on the kitchen bench, you will find a way to use it.

How do I find ways to eat well?

Pre-plan your week and look at the things you have rather than the things you don’t have. 

Know more about James

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

Rihanna with Jaime Oliver cooking at his house or in San Francisco.   

A meal that would represent earth?

English Roast Dinner with steamed sponge and sticky golden syrup  OR Chinese food


Organic online food markets 

Where to find James

3: How to focus better when you do so much with James Douglas

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Author: Ronsley Vaz

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