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24. Bringing people together with Brazilian street food featuring Vira Lata Food Truck

24. Bringing people together with Brazilian street food featuring Vira Lata Food Truck

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Carlo and Taline are the creators of Vira Lata Food Truck. Vira Lata is a roaming Modern Brazilian/Portuguese street food kitchen on wheels, with secret family recipes, a handmade ethic and street cred to match.

The Vira Lata signature sandwich with free range pork sausage (handmade using a secret family recipe), palm hearts, cheddar cheese, house made ketchup, kiss peppers, pickles and radishes topped with french fries and coriander.

These guys specialise in uniting people through food, through good healthy food and the Brazilian culture of sharing.

Carlo is 2nd generation Australian with the Portuguese gastronomic influence coming from his grandparents. Taline is from Brazil and brings the South American Portuguese culture.

We talk about the melting pot that is Brazil and how the Germans, Italians and Japanese have migrated to Brazil bringing with them their own unique influences on food, particularly the Japanese. Add to these influences the unique ingredients of the Amazon and you have the most diversely flavoured food.

We talk about Cassava leaves or Manyoka, and its used to make Coxinha.


Nutrition and Meals

Conversations around food

Everyone talks with them about the World Cup and about soccer. They also have lots of conversations with Brazilians from other states about the differences in Brazilian food. 

What foods are exotic

Palm hearts is food that is very unique. Texturally they are like artichoke and flavour wise they are neutral and creamy. 

Carlo and Taline’s fondest food memories

Taline talks about her childhood. River foods, pork and huge indigenous influences made up parts of her diet. Carlo’s first memory is making handmade pasta with his father. The family dish, a recipe that is passed down through the males of the family called diablo is something he treasures.   

Know more about Carlo and Taline

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

Taline would love to have dinner with Vinicius de Moraes on the beach and Carlo would like to have dinner with Ed Motta somewhere in the Amazon. 


Where to find Carlo and Taline

24. Bringing people together with Brazilian street food featuring Vira Lata Food Truck

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