205. Highly-Effective Behavioural Science Life Hacks with Dr. Steve Maraboli

Steve Maraboli is a life-changing speaker, bestselling author and behavioural scientist who lends his popular voice to various topics. Dubbed by Inc. Magazine as “The Most Quoted Man Alive,” his empowering words, business methodologies, strategic insights and social philosophies have been shared and published throughout the world in more than 25 languages. Steve has delivered his inspiring, entertaining and unforgettable speeches in over 30 countries. His books have been featured on numerous best-seller lists while his quotes, videos and radio show have become a social media sensation, being shared by millions across the globe.

A highly sought-after consultant, Steve has spent over 20 years as a student and ardent researcher of behavioural science. He is the creator of Psycho-Neuro-Actualization, a breakthrough counselling/coaching methodology that has gained worldwide attention for its effectiveness in influence and personal/group mindset enhancement. A decorated military veteran with 18+ years of successful experience as a business consultant, executive/leadership coach, and peak performance coach, Steve and his team of PNA (The Maraboli Method) coaches work with their clients worldwide. Steve is a recipient of the prestigious United Nations Award for Philanthropy, having contributed to and created empowerment, education and humanitarian programs in over 40 countries.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Steve’s attribution to being dubbed “The Most Quoted Man Alive” stemmed from his military career
  • His addiction to the feeling of helping people
  • Why Steve finds comfort in being uncomfortable
  • The key ingredient to Steve’s mental health and productivity
  • The reason why a healthy attachment to reality is detachment
  • How people can take back their power in unhappy situations
  • Steve’s advice on how you can condition yourself to develop habits
  • The relationship between religion and cognitive bias
  • How Steve’s personal mantra of living in the present has changed his life
  • Why he is unapologetic in cutting out people in his life that don’t support growth
  • The reasoning behind Steve’s lack of a morning routine
  • Steve’s number one brain hack of not telling anyone what you want and why that works

Know more about Steve Maraboli

Where to find Steve Maraboli

Website: http://stevemaraboli.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteveMaraboli

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorstevemaraboli/

Book: Life, the Truth, and Being Free


Author: Ronsley Vaz

Ronsley is the founder & chief day dreamer at AMPLIFY. He is an author, speaker & serial entrepreneur.

He has a Masters’ degree in Software Engineering and an MBA in Psychology and Leadership. He is known as the creator of We Are Podcast – the first Podcasting Conference in the Southern Hemisphere, and the host of The Bond Appetit Podcast and Should I Start a Podcast. He has an audience of over 3 million in 133 countries.

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