185. Being a Role Model and How to Balance Work, Life and Passion with Darren Finkelstein

Darren Finkelstein, aka ‘The Boat Guy’, has over 35 years of boating experience to share.

Considered by many as an industry expert, Darren has an active media presence. You will often hear him on radio, appearing on video blogs, in articles or on the international stage at boat shows, and corporate and lifestyle events.

You can listen to Darren on radio 3AW as he delivers his unique Beach ‘n’ Bay reports this summer, or watch him on Foxtel and ch7 presenting All About Boats. He’s also the on-screen presenter and ambassador for the ‘Life’s Better with a Boat’ campaign for the Boating Industry Association.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why Darren Finkelstein doesn’t feel worthy of being called an ‘author hero’
  • What motivates Darren to getting things done
  • Darren on what defines a hero
  • How he handles stress
  • Darren’s life as a roller coaster
  • Analysis of numbers and its importance
  • Why it’s crucial to focus on numbers
  • What it feels like when everyone sees you as a role model
  • How being an achiever affects your passion
  • Darren talks about his achievements and how he got to where he is today
  • How he balances himself when it comes to work and his passions
  • His greatest strengths and how they’ve served him over his business career
  • How Darren turns his great ideas into amazing books
  • Darren on men who are passionate about boats
  • The definition of success
  • What’s coming up for Darren Finkelstein in the next few years

Know more about Darren Finkelstein

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

‘My family.  I’d really like to do that in Antarctica. I’ve always had that on my bucket list, to go to Antarctica and to jump in the water.’

Last meal on the planet?

‘I’m probably going to link to something that I really like and something that I would miss.  I am guessing that the last meal would actually be irrelevant.  Whatever it is that I’m going to be eating, hopefully it fills the gap down there and it leaves me satisfied.’


Where to find Darren Finkelstein

More About Darren Finkelstein
Let’s Buy A Boat website

Author: Ronsley Vaz

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