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16. How this music entrepreneur dealt with her relationship with food starring Adrienne Osborn

Adrienne is a Voice and performance coach. She teaches, sings and writes in a variety of styles including rock and jazz which are my favourites. She also teaches voice and performance skills to students around the world through Skype.

Adrienne lost over 20 pounds in her life twice in her life by using diet and exercise. 

Adrienne talks about how she went to Spain on exchange for a year, which is such an amazing story. She talks about her relationship with food and her emotions when it came to food.

We talk about American sized portions, the heat in Phoenix, fish tacos, leftover Thai food, how chocolate gives her a bloody nose, how she always fought her weight, how much mental energy she used to expend thinking about food, how she learned to listen to her body, and how she fixed her relationship with food. And, much more… 

Meal Plans and Cooking

What foods to avoid

  • She doesn’t actively avoid anything
  • Maybe, candy bars, but not really

What foods to actively seek out

  • Eggs
  • Black Beans
  • Tofu
  • Veggies
  • Thai takeout
  • Brown Rice
  • Hummus

Adrienne’s fondest food memories

Adrienne’s mum was a great cook. Her earliest memory of food was at a science fair at early grade school where she got an ice cream and drowned it with caramel topping and sprinkles. Her mum’s chicken stir-fry with cashews and a red velvet cake was a favourite meals growing up.

Exercise Routine

  • 25 – 30 minutes of some kinds of exercise a day

Quick dinner ideas

  • Get Thai takeout 🙂
  • Eggs in a pan, black beans, and slice of wholegrain toast

Tips on reducing wastage

Don’t buy too much food. 

Do you have a clean eating diet plan?

No, not really. But she is reading the 4 hour body and will get into the 4 hour chef. But, suggests that you get rid of all the chips and cookies and bad stuff in your house, so that you don’t make the bad choices on an everyday basis. 

Know more about Adrienne 

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

She’s love to have dinner with her dad at a Mexican restaurant in San Diego.  

Last meal on the planet?

Fort Collins has a Vegetarian restaurant … that has a big pile of vegetables.  


Where to find Adrienne

16. How this music entrepreneur dealt with her relationship with food starring Adrienne Osborn

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