151. Being a Family Man, Building an Online Emperor, and Giving Value to Others with Pat Flynn

In today’s world of sharing and collaboration we find that the more we give, the more we get. Pat Flynn, serial entrepreneur, online mastermind, and inspirational business podcast host has mastered the art of providing service to himself and others.  His business reflects that of a man that has his priorities arranged around being able to spend his entire day with his family, while still generating over six-figures in passive income.  

The Family Life

But being a family man isn’t all that Pat’s got going for him in the family-sector.  While many professionals do what they do to provide economically for their families, Pat differs in one key area: he works to be with his family, not to provide for them.  Undoubtedly, his success helps feed his wife and two young children, but Pat’s shining character and personality allows him to spend a majority of his day up to 8:30 at night (when his children go to bed) with his family.  For those of you who can’t imagine this, that’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner all with his wife and two kids.  Pat spends the rest of his evening making decisions that allow others to live the life they wish to lead.  He does this by inspiring others, teaching them, and personally reaching out to listeners and visitors to his website.  

On being vulnerable

Perhaps what is most fascinating about Pat is the thin screen of vulnerability that separates the real Pat, from the Pat Flynn that we know online.  For example: what started out as a little one-month experiment back in October of 2008, has turned into a now monthly ritual.  For one month, Pat—being the sincere man that he is—chose to release his monthly income earnings to the visitors of his website.  What he thought would be a one-month experiment turned into a massively successful campaign in authenticity, in which his viewers praised him for the inspiration that he gave and the level of transparency that he provided to his listeners.  In this report he documented the wins, the losses, the stumbles, and all the expenses of one month in the life of Pat Flynn’s businesses. The key ingredient in Pat’s likability is this same transparency, which becomes apparent after listening to him for about ten minutes.

Integral to Pat’s success as a father, an energetic entrepreneur and clear-headed consultant is one not-so-obvious secret—which he spoke about on Australian elite chef Ronsley Vaz’s iTunes top-rated podcast, Bond Appétit, last week.  

Including health with business

After the birth of his first child, Pat underwent a massive health transformation. He began working out daily, cleaning up his diet and began noticing extreme results in terms of his output at work.  Aside from picking up the numbers, increases in his daily productivity, he also noticed that he was more present for those that he loved.  Pat’s profound take on health, diet, and exercise is that for every hour he puts into his body, he gets at least one more later on in the day.  

The Bond Appétit Podcast is centered on the uniting themes between the relationship bonds between good food and good friends.  On the show (Episode 68), Pat spoke about his belief in how exercise and nutrition could play a role in his output capacity for making a difference in his role as an entrepreneur. “I just started to notice that I felt like for every hour I dedicated to exercise I would get back, and then some, in terms of the focus and my energy levels.  I was sleeping much deeper, and I was more energized when I woke up, and my mood started to improve.  That was when I saw those results come in that I understood that food was a major part of it.”

He also spoke on the reasons that keep him on track and motivated to stick to this lifestyle.  Many busy entrepreneurs and professionals struggle with maintaining a healthy diet and fitting time into busy schedules to exercise.  Pat has a different approach to tackling these common challenges.  He told Ronsley: “I just consciously make it a priority.  To me it’s the most important thing.  To me, without that fuel, I just can’t run.  I can’t live the way I want to live.”  Thanks to some scientific findings, Pat was able to take on a new diet that lowered his hydrochloric acid intake and made him more capable of carrying out the high-energy yields required of being a serial entrepreneur.  

Kitchen work

While Pat’s duties in the kitchen and in the gym help him to craft his heart of gold, he also has been influential in replicating his results in his company.  He has recently decided to dive into the world of software development, where he has produced a new beta product that helps podcasters play podcasts on their Word Press sites.  Ventures like these help Pat to add value to spaces that he currently inhabits.  He believes in using his needs to build new products that others in similar spaces can utilize as well.  This approach has led him to over delivering on numerous occasions.  

The really cool thing about Pat is not his money or his success; it’s his genuine empathy for helping do his part to bring positive connection and strong messages into the world.

What really speaks to me about Pat Flynn is that he uses his life as an example to help guide and inspire others.  On last week’s show, with Ronsley, he commented on the salesman-like attitude of so many coaches, consultants, and others in the information-selling sphere today.  He says: “I choose to build relationships first and to serve and I know it’s always going to come back and serve me in the long run.”  
Article by: Chet Turnbeaugh

In this episode we talk about:

  • The great works Patt Flynn managed so far and how he inspires many people
  • His income reports and the free sharing stuffs
  • His struggled of advertising in his show
  • Choosing to build relationship first and serve
  • The real connection he’s been making with people on the show
  • Having multiple businesses at the same time
  • The businesses he’s running right now
  • His plan to expand the information space getting into software
  • The smart player software plugin he created to help in playing a podcast
  • The importance of working one thing at a time
  • When did food and exercise become the big part of his life?
  • The importance of writing down notes after each exercise and see the progress to be able to track and keep motivated
  • How he becomes getting more focus and being healthy by eating well through Home Fitness program which he enrolled
  • Trying different kind of diets
  • The importance of finding right kind of foods to have the output in life
  • How Patt Flynn makes it happen finding a way into good food and exercise?
  • Helping ourselves as a top priority to be able to help other people the way we want
  • What’s Patt Flynn average day consist of? How does he function?
  • Waking up in our terms and get excited
  • The importance of meditation to include every day to clear our minds and get ready for the day
  • How Patt Flynn spends his time for his family and making sure he prepares healthy foods for them before he get to work at night
  • The Miracle Morning
  • Patt Flynn fondest food memories
  • His favorite food growing up
  • His best advice he ever received in terms of Foods
  • The most challenging thing he ever done
  • Great lesson: “Keep working about one thing, break it down and keep moving forward about that big goal that you want”

Nutrition and Meal Plans

What foods to avoid

  • Grains
  • Much sugar
  • Soda

What foods to actively seek out

  • Omelet with vegetables
  • Organic
  • Low carb
  • Green vegetables juice
  • Kale
  • Broccoli

Pat’s fondest food memories

“I remember my Dad, my mom and I, all sitting at the dinner table together and just enjoying conversation and I think that’s really important for me growing up because I sort that implement my whole life as well. Like I said earlier, we’re always having meals together but we always cherish that meal time together. We know that not everyone has the ability to do that. So we cherish it and we talk. It’s not just a place to eat food, it’s a place to be together and talk. And that something that I think that was the biggest influence from my parents. So that was really cool. Well you know, experiencing different kind of food and being thankful for the food that we have, really paying attention to how it tastes. My dad didn’t cook very often but he did cook at holidays like thanks giving, and Christmas time and things like that and that was when puts the chef hat on. And every time he would service foods he would always comment like “isn’t it good”? I think he just wanted to make sure that we enjoy it and pay attention to how it taste.”

“My mom is a Filipina and she made the best pork chicken adobo and essentially just chicken that is stirred in a pan and cook through and dowse with vinegar and soy sauce and you just put that over rice and it’s just so delicious with peppers on there. And she put pine apples on there too to give it a little bit of sour taste and I think that’s why I love sour tasting foods now.”

Exercise Routine

  • Marathon

Cooking tips

  • Getting your children involve in cooking
  • Think what you’re going to eat the next day
  • Plan ahead and stick to it
  • Choose for yourself the next day

Quick dinner ideas

  • Omelet less than 5 minutes

Do you have a clean eating diet plan?

  • Bulletproof coffee
  • No carb and low carb diet
  • Protein shake

Know more about Pat

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

I would have dinner with Ellon Musk who is the owner of Tesla. He’s just such a brilliant mind and he’s so forward thinking. I just love to pick his brain and get inspiration for him over meals for sure. If I would have dinner anywhere with Ellon Musk, I would have to choose Chez Panisse in Berkeley California. You have to place reservation like a year in advance. This is a super quality restaurant in a Berkeley area. One of the tough restaurants in the US actually. It was so beautiful.

Last meal on the planet?

“It would be Buffalo wings with wrench dressing. And since it would be my last meal, I would ask for the super extremely hot ones. I like spicy foods. I don’t like what it does to me later. But since I’m going to die anyway, I would go all out and have that experience.”


Where to find Pat Flynn

WEBSITE: http://www.smartpassiveincome.com


Twitter:       https://twitter.com/PatFlynn

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/smartpassiveincome


Author: Ronsley Vaz

Ronsley is the founder & chief day dreamer at AMPLIFY. He is an author, speaker & serial entrepreneur.

He has a Masters’ degree in Software Engineering and an MBA in Psychology and Leadership. He is known as the creator of We Are Podcast – the first Podcasting Conference in the Southern Hemisphere, and the host of The Bond Appetit Podcast and Should I Start a Podcast. He has an audience of over 3 million in 133 countries.

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