135. Personal Chef, Paleo Ideas and the Prep Dish with Allison Schaaf

Chef Allison is a nourishment, sustenance & culinary master and creator of Prep Dish.

Allison’s experience in the culinary expressions incorporates work at head wellbeing spas, incorporating Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires and Champneys in Tring, England. She holds a four year college education in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University and persistently seizes the opportunity to grow her culinary abilities: whether hands-on cooking lessons amid a trek to Italy or trading most loved formulas with companions and associates. Her genuine enthusiasm is her role as an individual culinary specialist, assisting customers with accomplishing their wellbeing objectives through eating regimen without yielding surface or taste.

She stays up with the latest on the most recent in sustenance research and uses this information in formula and supper arrangement advancement, however continually keeping taste and flavor as the top need! Her meal planning website, Prep Dish, gives basic need records, formulas & prep ahead guidelines for the home cook.

Allison credits her vitality and get-up-and-go to her commitment to staying dynamic & getting a charge out of good sustenance. She is a dedicated yogi and loves anything that gets her outside, including climbing the Greenbelt, investing energy in Lake Travis, normal retreats to Colorado, scuba jumping and skiing. Investing energy with family and companions, ideally getting a charge out of good nourishment and wine, is dependably a top need. Allison is additionally an eager voyager and draws culinary motivation from every excursion; late experiences incorporate Hawaii, Japan and South America, Spain and successive treks to Colorado, California and her home condition of Kansas.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Behind Prep Dish.com- A Meal Planning website
  • How Allison operated with her clients
  • Downloadable PDF instructions on how to prepare meals
  • How she spends time with her business
  • Managing recipe developments
  • Writing plan recipes
  • Her versions of meal planning
  • Viewpoints about Food Industry
  • What you eat make you feel better and perform well
  • The importance of diets and self-care to function
  • What she loves about Paleo
  • Avoiding gluten and feel great
  • Taking care and paying attention to your body
  • The importance of best foods to choose
  • Allison cooking experienced at 16 which inspired her to love cooking and pursued culinary
  • Her past fond and craving food memories
  • What Allison known for in terms of her dishes?
  • How she makes her Lasagna Paleo version?
  • Her next plans in Prep Dish
  • Her biggest challenge in Business and how she overcome it
  • The different things she do
  • Raising awareness and building communities

Nutrition and Meal Plans

What foods to avoid

  • Processed foods
  • Gluten
  • Sugar

What foods to actively seek out

  • Paleo recipes
  • Gluten free
  • Protein
  • Veggies
  • Whole foods

Alison’s fondest food memories

“I remember Christmas when I was kind a have like ball of chili on Christmas Eve and that was always nice and like a traditional turkey dinner. We decorated sugar cookies and that was always a fun activity.”

Cooking tips

  • Preparing meals ahead of time

Quick dinner ideas

  • Simple salad, and burger


Know more about Alison

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

“Well, I’m a newlywed and I love my husband so I really enjoy our dinners together. We just got back from honeymoon and I would say in Africa. There was a place that we stayed in Namibia in the middle of the dessert and I would love to go back there.”

Last meal on the planet?

“I would definitely have some chocolate and red wine.”


Where to find Alison

WEBSITE: http://www.prepdish.com/about/

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/PrepDish

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/allisonlstevens

Author: Ronsley Vaz

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