133. Frameworks, Entrepreneurship and the Keys to Peak Performance with James Schramko

133. Frameworks, entrepreneurship and the keys to peak performance with James Schramko

133. Frameworks, entrepreneurship and the keys to peak performance with James Schramko

James Schramko is the director of Superfast Business. Lifestyle is very important to James, he lives in Sydney and he focuses on having fun with his family, looking after his health, visiting new places and growing his business.

James has quite a story to tell, and it starts with his failure. Sometimes all you need  is a little push to get the wheels of Entrepreneurship moving!

James is all about scalability and leverage now. He is earning big bucks because he’s leveraging (and his students leverage too) a gap in the marketplace that exists right now and is an opportunity for virtually anyone listening to this podcast. This is the gap between what we know as online marketers, and what mainstream, offline business don’t know. You can fill this gap, and earn a solid living too, in your area.

Things we talk about:

  • How to make time to eat right?
  • How to properly manage time?
  • How much food to intake in a day?
  • Why sitting too much is bad for your health?
  • A Brief Explanation Of Why Sitting Is Bad For Your Health.
  • Sitting risks: How harmful is too much sitting?
  • Healthy and balanced nutrition is important for everyone
  • How the Superfast Business get started?
  • How James transitioned away from his well-paid, full time job, to replace that income and then some more, using the internet?
  • What makes James Schramko successful?
  • How to Build Character Through Integrity
  • The Importance of Integrity in Business
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Making money online
  • Marketing – Process Strategy
  • ways to make money and be happy
  • what does success look like?
  • The Mexican Fisherman – Finding Success In Your Life
  • Some great lesson:

“Know what really matters in life, and you may find that it is already much closer than you think.”

“It makes life a lot simpler if you know what you’re doing and you want to keep working with the same people.

  • Periscope in Business
  • The Key to Finding a Work-Life Balance
  • How a subscription model could benefit your business
  • Coffee after a meal good or bad – is it dehydrating or not?

Nutrition and Meal Plans

James fondest food memories

Elder people in my child hood cook quite well, just to make very good rice dinner and lump chop. My parents were good cook as well, so we always had good food locally.

What’s your favorite meal?

Things like Macaroni and cheese. My father does spaghetti bolognese

Cooking Tips and Specialty

I cook many many things. What I really do quite well is the chili garlic, red sauce pasta and I know it’s a very common one, but it’s a stable sort of a get-over called type meal for me. I had worked in a place where we had a macrobiotic chef. She’s a lot of chili-garlic and ginger and is good for the blood and body. If I really want one for energiser, I want to cracking out a tomato garlic chili with olive oil and make something classy and simple. Sometimes I put chinnor, or I or some hot pepperoni or hot salami to give it some bite. That’s one of my favorite things. I often get an eye fillet. That’s supposed to be a roast and I sliced it in the thick sort of 1 and 1/2 inch medallions and I’ll see you there in a hot grill and I’ll have that fresh vegetables like carrots, corn or beans, some grains stuff. Half of the plate would be vegetables. The main is obviously some really nice medium or a little bit pink in the middle. I like simple meal like that with proteins and some veggies. For the morning stuff, I cooked bacon and eggs and tomatoes. That one is a hot meal. I prefer a hot meal actually, but I also have just Greek yogurt and mix in a banana and protein mix like chop tops sort of seeds and nuts and things. Maybe some squirts of honey. I do like coffee.

What’s the most complex dish you have made?

I’ve done everything from pan cakes to pizza. Soups, roasts. Things like chicken breast with apricot sauce and snow peas on rice such as few different elements there. They are all quite simple meals. I’m a pretty simple cook whether it’s sweeping up an omelet or making a large mushrooms with the chop top beacons and a little bit of balsamic vinegar and a slight cheese melted on top so a lil bit fancy.

Have you tried Indian foods? Have you tried making it?

Yes. I like the sweetness of the chicken, but I also like the really hot Vindalho. I’m not really an expert in cooking Indian food, but I’m much better on eating it.


Know more about James

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

Ricky Gervais. In his place as suppose, it would be signified with a good relationship, any place is fine.

Last meal on the planet?

Depending on the circumstances, if it’s really cold, I’ll probably go with a bowl of good porridge with banana and a little bit of honey on it and dash of brown sugar. That would be just great on a nice cold day. If it’s a hot day, maybe a roasts dinner with baked potato or something. But I even like jacket potato with chili con carne and dole pot sour cream, sprinkle with cheese and cracked pepper on it. It could be anything.

If you could erect a bill board, what would it be?

Question everything

What’s coming up?

I’ve got a live event comping up in March. The next major business thing happening. Aside from that, business is usual.

We run it every year. It’s the eleventh big event that we run. There would be several hundred people. It’s very intimated super-fast online marketers. People are really interested in online marketing. So even if they’re new and they’ll get quickly indoctrinated. I hand pick the people to speak at the event. To help people coming into the event to move forward into their business. They’re not really famous. They’re not people selling stuffs. It’s a content event not just a pitch event.

The best thing is that really my community of people who often hang out in the Superfast Business membership who stayed long and have said to have a sort of annual get together.



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Where to find James

Website: Superfast Business


Author: Ronsley Vaz

Ronsley is the founder & chief day dreamer at AMPLIFY. He is an author, speaker & serial entrepreneur.

He has a Masters’ degree in Software Engineering and an MBA in Psychology and Leadership. He is known as the creator of We Are Podcast – the first Podcasting Conference in the Southern Hemisphere, and the host of The Bond Appetit Podcast and Should I Start a Podcast. He has an audience of over 3 million in 133 countries.

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