123. The Marketing Matrix, Recipe Organisation Solutions, and MyFoodBook.com.au with Carolyn Brasher

123. Understanding the marketing matrix, being prepared to be messy, recipe organization solutions, and MyFoodBook.com.au with Carolyn Brasher

123. Understanding the marketing matrix, being prepared to be messy, recipe organization solutions, and MyFoodBook.com.au with Carolyn Brasher

Carolyn Brasher, loved of beautiful cookbooks but hated having to rip out recipes from magazines. Finally she had an epiphany when she realized there had to be a better way for consumers to create personalized, quality cookbooks that combine the recipes of their favorite brands and their own creations.

“Like thousands of home cooks, I’m constantly collecting and trying to store recipes from multiple sources.  I’m also a lover of beautiful, professional cookbooks and I’ve always wanted to create one of my own with recipes that perfectly match my tastes, whether they are professional recipes or my grandmother’s classics. myfoodbook is the result of that ambition”, said Brasher.

Carolyn Brasher created the company “myfoodbook” after realizing the need for a place to gather and organize all of your recipe content. Myfoodbook is a recipe and cookbook destination where for the first time in Australia, you can create your own fully personalized digital cookbooks using recipes from top food brands and chefs, combined with your own ideas. My food Book is a profound website due to a few key factors. The first is that it is made up of tested recipes, meaning that all of the recipes listed publicly on the site have been created and tested by cooking & food brands, professional chefs, qualified food bloggers, recipe developers, nutritionists etc that have the credentials to be on MyFoodBook. Second key factor for this website is option to create your own cookbook. This is the first cookbook of its kind in Australia where you get to hand pick every page of your new cookbook using recipes from professional food and cooking brands, combined with your own ideas, to create a treasured collection full of only your favorite recipes.

Another hurdle in which Carolyn looked to tackle was a way to nicely organize and store recipes collected from all over. Through her website you’ll never have to tear out, print off, store in a plastic binder or hand write another recipe again! myfoodbook allows you to be an organized cook and keep all your recipes in one place, automatically organizing them into categories in cookbook collections that you design.

Myfoodbook as received an early boost when thousands of home cooks began to connect with myfoodbook through social media long before the official site was launched. The love and support shown for myfoodbook proves that there was an enormous demand for a product that would bring mass customization to the world of cookbooks. It also provided recipe contributors with immediate access to an audience that was seeking out brands who would engage with consumers when and how consumers wanted them to.


In this episode we talk about:

  • Live and breathe food
  • Three-year anniversary
  • Entrepreneur uncomfortableness
  • 2 AM epiphany
  • Why for an entrepreneur “Business as usual” is usually uncomfortable
  • Carolyn always loved to cook, but never wanted to be a chef
  • Solution organizing recipes
  • Career in public relations
  • Content brand partners
  • Launching online
  • How the tablet obsession was beneficial
  • Brand loyalty
  • Engage differently
  • Misconceptions of what healthy eating is
  • Consumers decide what they want to engage in
  • Helpful supportive and advisory
  • Brand personality
  • Marketing matrix
  • Facebook  Understand the headlining your consumer
  • MasterChef
  • Doesn’t have to be fancy
  • No excuse not to cook
  • Fish straight off the boat
  • Pretend cooking shows a child
  • Food brings memories enjoy
  • Be prepared to be messy
  • Podcasting offers were public relations can’t
  • Focused and beneficial way to share your ideas
  • Privilege to be listen to
  • Disengagement causes
  • So many still don’t know how to cook
  • More simple honest and available ingredients
  • More sustainable ingredients
  • Weight loss
  • Enjoy what you do
  • Recipe content from all over
  • Hundred percent cooking
  • Food allergies
  • Collect what you want expert

Carolyn Brasher‘s fondest food memories

Coming home after school in the house smelling fresh baked biscuits. Another great memory is when she bakes in similar fashion now with her nieces and nephews. Showing them that it doesn’t have to come out of the package that you can bake or cook from scratch.

Know more about Carolyn Brasher

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

Oprah just because Carolyn is a big fan of her, and because Oprah has had such a food journey. She would love to have this meal somewhere in the Hamptons because she loves the American classics design.

Last meal on the planet?

Carolyn would love to be locked in a deli with a knife and a bottle of Chianti. Carolyn’s second option would be to just have a burger.




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