122. La Cucina Di Sandra, Homemade Pasta, Finding Confidence to Cook,and Poverty with Sandra Del Greco

122. La Cucina di Sandra, homemade pasta, finding confidence to cook,and Poverty with Sandra Del Greco

122. La Cucina di Sandra, homemade pasta, finding confidence to cook,and Poverty with Sandra Del Greco

Sandra Del Greco was born in Pescara, Italy. Sandra was brought up in Italy where her love for food developed at a very young age, growing up with her grandmother and her aunt. Sandra migrated to Australia in her 20s, after her mother’s early death caused a huge loss in connection with the food of her country and her heritage. In those days it was impossible to buy a book on Italian food, not to mention quality ingredients which are vital to the authenticity of Italian’s simple but delicious cuisine. So Sandra attended some courses and they were so basic that she ended up learning how to cook everything else but Italian food. She learned how to cook French, Thai Vietnamese, Moroccan and even Spanish food. This led her to became an avid cookbook collector and start reading about Italian food and the cuisine of its regions. After finding a book about Abruzzo’s cuisine, some 20 years ago she reconnected to her heritage. Finding the book ignited the passionate dream of Sandra’s to start her own Italian cooking school and sharing her knowledge with others.For over the last 20 years she have spent hours in her aunt’s kitchen in Italy, collecting hundreds of recipes from Italian friends and family as well as cook books.  Sandra wanted to share her knowledge with people who love food and show them how to create exceptional dishes with the quality ingredients we have in Australia.

Sharing her knowledge and watching people eat the food she prepares brings happiness to her life and a great feeling of accomplishment. She love sharing her knowledge and food with people. She opened ‘La Cucina di Sandra’ in 2014 turning a lifelong dream and passion into reality. She wanted to p1rovide the best cooking classes and show people a type of food they have never seen before. Through La Cucina di Sandra, Sandra intends to deliver an Italian cooking and eating experience like no other! La Cucina di Sandra is all about rejoicing in the everyday and learning the art of eating and enjoying life the Italian way. This means celebrating life around a convivial table, sharing original Italian food made with simple but quality ingredients. When you leave Sandra’s classes you will feel enriched and confident to cook these dishes yourselves.

This episode we talked about:

  • Cooking classes
  • European feel
  • Group classes
  • Italian cuisine
  • 20 different cuisines
  • Across the regions
  • La Cucina Di Sandra
  • Personal cooking lessons
  • Italian descendants
  • Division in Italy
  • Northern Italy vs Southern Italy
  • Cream vs Tomato base
  • Culinary differences influences
  • Affects of geography
  • Homemade pasta vs Packet pasta
  • Migration to northern Italy
  • Poverty’s Affects on Italian cuisine
  • Shapes of pasta typical to specific regions
  • Expanding pasta market
  • Sandra’s fork in the road
  • Sandra’s grandmother’s recipes more than 100 years old
  • Confidence to start cooking
  • Italian vs American cuisine
  • Cooking shows
  • Birthday cooking classes
  • Sending out  Cooking blog
  • Time restraints of cooking
  • Full course meals in one afternoon
  • High-quality packet pasta
  • Simple recipes
  • Readily available
  • Awareness and being different
  • Foodies
  • Food, relationships, and knowledge
  • Food writers
  • Pizza shops
  • Bastardization of Italian cuisine
  • Hard to be authentic
  • Cooking awards






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