121. Correlation Between Planets & Crops, and How to Build & Maintain Gardens with Peter Kearney

Correlation between planets & crops, and How to build & maintain gardens with Peter Kearney

Correlation between planets & crops, and How to build & maintain gardens with Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney, an experienced organic and biodynamic gardener, educator and technologist. Peter Kearney founded City Food Growers as a business with passion and knowledge in organic food growing and a growing set of relationships with the important movers and shakers of urban agriculture around the world.

City Food Growers is a company that provides support services and knowledge to transform our food system to be more local and organic. City Food Growers work to empower people to be more productive in self sufficiency and in growing their own foods. The company is located n Brisbane, but their services aren’t only local, any town or city of Australia, the USA, New Zealand and the UK,  and is currently spreading around the world. Their key product is their subscription services in which a subscriber can be connected to massive resources for food gardeners using organic methods.

“Since 2008, our web site has provided tens of thousands of gardener subscribers around the world with relevant, timely and localised content on growing food with organic methods.For a low yearly fee, our Organic Gardener Subscription provides you with the following benefits: saves you time, saves you money, increases your gardening productivity, and improves your health.”-Peter Kearney

On This Episode we talk about-

  • Subscriptions City Food Growers
  • US, UK and Australia
  • Movement of reproductions
  • Self Sufficiency
  • Moon planting
  • Healing benefits of gardening
  • Benefits and self gratification of gardening
  • Gardening support for building and maintaining food gardens
  • 300 food plants specific to your local climate
  • Growing your own food for your family
  • Agriculture specific to your needs and your yard size
  • Importance of soil
  • Guide to local produce
  • Biodynamics
  • Maintaining fruit trees
  • Start small
  • Crops that develops a lot of food for their space
  • Correlation between planets and crops
  • Managing soil acidity
  • How gardening saves you money
  • Gardening to purify my soul
  • First gardening website to offer subscriptions
  • Choice of crops
  • Increasing gardening productivity
  • Developing your love for Earth starting with your love for your garden
  • Training guides
  • Workshops
  • How gardening is the healthiest sustenance you can provide yourself
  • Changes in age ranges typical to workshops

Nutrition and Meal Plans


Peter Kearney’s fondest food memories

The first carrot that we grew in our backyard growing up stands out to me as a fond memory.


Raw Food Chef and Gut Whisperer


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Where to find Peter Kearney and City Food Growers




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