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12. The food fuels the entrepreneur featuring Charlie Poznek

Charlie is the host on the Boomer Business Owner Podcast. Charlie has been an entrepreneur ever since he was a kid in school. Charlie talks about how he always looked to start his own business. 

Charlie is on the show because he talks to successful business owners everyday. I ask him whether he sees a trend that successful business owners first get their health and nutrition right.

Charlie talks about the 80-20 rule and how that changed his life when it comes to food and nutrition.  

Nutrition and Cooking

What foods to avoid

  • limit sugars
  • limit grains 

What foods to actively seek out

  • Greens
  • Veggies
  • Eggs
  • Lean meats 

Charlie’s fondest food memories

Charlie’s fondest memory of food is his mum’s pasta growing up. His mum’s lasagne is his favourite meal by far.

Exercise Routine

  • Charlie works out with a trainer twice a week
  • Yoga 2-3 times a week
  • Something physical once a week

Quickest Meals

 A piece of salmon in the oven and steam some broccoli 


Know more about Charlie 

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

Sir Richard Branson on Neckar Island 

Last meal on the planet?

His mom’s lasagne  


Where to find Charlie

12. The food fuels the entrepreneur featuring Charlie Poznek

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Author: Ronsley Vaz

Ronsley is the founder & chief day dreamer at AMPLIFY. He is an author, speaker & serial entrepreneur.

He has a Masters’ degree in Software Engineering and an MBA in Psychology and Leadership. He is known as the creator of We Are Podcast – the first Podcasting Conference in the Southern Hemisphere, and the host of The Bond Appetit Podcast and Should I Start a Podcast. He has an audience of over 3 million in 133 countries.

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