116. Telling Untold Stories & the Importance of Connection with the Process with Monique Bayer

116. Telling untold stories, farmers' influences, Embracing the spirit of exploration, and Importance of connecting with the process with Monique BayerMonique Bayer is the soul behind Walk Melbourne. Monique has always loved food and loved Melbourne. After living in the corporate world, she found that she was at her happiest when she’s working with food and storytelling. She created Walk Melbourne to share stories about the people who bring food and coffee to Melbourne, both then and now. For 15 years Monique spent sitting on milk crates in alleyways and finding those food treasures throughout Melbourne.

Walk Melbourne ignites the fire of excitement that is found in discovering Melbourne’s history and delicious food. Aside from the creation of Walk Melbourne Monique is also the winner of the 2014 RACV Victorian Tourism Award for Youth Achievement. 12 months after building up her business, Monique reached new audiences by publishing her book Devouring Melbourne; uncovering a delicious city. Through her book you get to learn why Melbourne is considered a renowned city full of great food experiences and stories. Through this exclusive book you are able to find the best restaurants, and cafes, as often the best venues are down alleyways, up stairwells and behind secret doors.


What we talk about in this episode:

  • Secret restaurant
  • Coffee roast
  • History of Melbourne
  • Books
  • Seasonal blends
  • Business traction
  • Monique’s favorite part of her business
  • Travel brochures
  • What Monique is embarrassed that she did when she first started her business
  • Blended coffee
  • Insider knowledge
  • Telling untold stories
  • Rooftop bar walks
  • Melbourne express
  • Embracing the spirit of exploration
  • Importance of connecting with the process
  • Coffee farmers secrets
  • The precision of coffee
  • Devouring Melbourne
  • How to decide who to interview
  • Importance of intertwining history and food
  • Coffee lovers walks
  • Coffee dosage
  • Walking tour guides
  • CCTB monitoring
  • Influences that farmers have
  • Melbourne’s Offspring fan tour
  • Most memorable stories in the history of Melbourne
  • Food History
  • How to stop eating with tourists and begin eating with locals
  • Souvenirs
  • Melbourne coffee style
  • Wholesale office
  • Stages of development of coffee
  • New town specialty coffee
  • Dumpling discovery walk
  • Contraband Coffee Roasters
  • Melbourne experience walk

Monique Bayer‘s fondest food memories

Family time and family gatherings together as a child around food. Favorite meal growing up was what my grandmother would cook.

Do you have a clean eating diet plan?

Eat for fuel.  My signature dish is a good salad with different colors and textures, and a good type of protein like steak or eggs, with a mustard vinaigrette on it.

Know more about Monique Bayer

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

Group of my best mates, because I know that we will have a great time. I would have it at someone’s house because its nice that they are sharing. It would be awesome if I had a bigger space for entertaining.

Last meal on the planet?

A meal with some amazing alcohol involved, some wine and some gin. A real beautiful well cooked piece of meat (crispy on the outside, rare on the inside), a good streak and deep fried potatoes. I am into one large hearty meal, rather than a lot of smaller portions. I want to be satisfied, rather than just full.



New town specialty coffee


Contraband Coffee Roasters

Where to find Monique Bayer



Devouring Melbourne: uncovering a delicious city

Coming soon:

Neighborhood guide to Eating and Drinking (Gluten Guide to Melbourne)

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