113. Flightamins, Rebellious Entrepreneurship, Puppeteering in North Korea, and Flightamins with Danielle Ashley

113. Flightamins, rebellious entrepreneurship, Puppeteering in North Korea, and Flightamins with Danielle Ashley

113. Flightamins, rebellious entrepreneurship, Puppeteering in North Korea, and Flightamins with Danielle Ashley

After Danielle Ashley completed her Bachelors degree in Health Science, she headed for Central Asia with a backpack, with 5kg of carefully selected vitamins and a desire to explore. Despite the challenging mountainous conditions and simple food, Danielle was astonished at how well she felt after 7 months on the road. In comparison she met numerous people along the way, that didn’t share her great health. In fact she ran into quite a few that were suffering from travel-related illnesses that could’ve been prevented. She discovered they hadn’t sufficiently prepared to care for their health while overseas. This discovery led her to the creation of Flightamins, which is an all natural nutritional supplement formulated especially for travelers. Flightamins is made entirely from plant- based ingredients and super-foods, rather than synthetic ingredients. Each Flightamins contains an array of over 30 vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micro nutrients, bio-flavanoids and co-factors. Specifically, Flightamins is designed to keep you well when traveling. These vitamins are able to keep you well while traveling by combating jet lag, hydrating, boosts immunity or ensuring that you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go. While Flightamins is made primarily to combat the travel related illnesses brought on by the stresses of travel, Flightamins are also enormously beneficial to various persons suffering from dehydration, stress from long working hours, or even bouncing back from a rough hangover.


What we talk about in this episode

  • How a flight conversation, with Richard Branson, dressed in drag, changed her life forever
  • How traveling affects your overall health
  • What you should have with you when you travel
  • Free radicals
  • Distinguishing natural vitamins vs synthetic
  • Energetic components of the vitamins that we are consuming
  • Why Natural is worth the 30% cost increase
  • What is Flightamins
  • Who should take Flightamins
  • Why Danielle spent 2 months in Pakistan
  • Why Danielle is considered a rebellious entrepreneurs
  • Why we should experience cultures first hand, rather than base our opinions off of media
  • Travel related illnesses
  • Free radicals and your defense
  • What we are consuming unknowingly
  • What happened to Danielle when she visited North Korea
  • Chinese medicine
  • Medicine and emotions
  • Digestion
  • How to look at food differently

Know more about Danielle Ashley

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

Richard Branson, glasses of organic red wine, first slight going out to space station.

Last meal on the planet?

Wild Alaskan Salmon, meal surprises full of odd combinations.



Where to find Danielle Ashley



Hub Convenience Cairns




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