107. The Psychology of Food and Your Relationship with Food Lisa Cutforth

107. The psychology of food and your relationship with food Liza Cutforth

107. The psychology of food and your relationship with food Liza Cutforth

Lisa Cutforth, a nutritionist and foodie whose passion for health led her to maintain her degrees in both Nutrition and Psychology. Lisa is has always loved life, people and food.  She uses her degrees, and life experiences to constantly help to transform peoples lives. There is an enormous connection between what we eat and how we feel. The connection that lies in the psychology and nutrition is one that other professionals seldom explore.  Lisa  shares all that she has come to know about food, nutrition, to passionately help others understand the connections these have on their heads, hearts, and health.

Lisa teaches that health is a topic that needs to be addressed from numerous angles. Health is intertwined with our physical, psychological, and social environments.

Weight control is not about diets.  It’s about your life, there’s a context for where you are at and how you got there. Let’s figure it out, and move on!”  Lisa Cutforth

What we talk about on this show-

Lisa Cutforth Businesses

  • 3 solution businesses
  1. size fantastic- relationships with food and psychology of it
  2. food experiences
  3. healthy meals to your door (specialise in specific food paleo, gluten free etc)
  • How psychology and nutrition are interwoven
  • we connect with the environment through food
  • our relationship with food, and why eat what we eat
  • Why we should be more personal about what we put in out body
  • what things affect what we eat, how we eat it, and why we eat it
  • Mistakes that personal trainers make, leading clients without nutritionist degrees, and not fully understanding their own psychology behind the food choices that they make themselves
  • Markers of Health
  • What our body is telling us we need
  • Connections between symptoms of disease and what we are eating
  • What you should ask every time you go to eat
  • Difference between situational triggers and conditional triggers
  • How to introduce food to your children





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