102. The new Health Star Rating System, Food Additives and Isagenix Ingredients with Katherine Maslen

Katherine Maslen is a Brisbane based naturopath and nutritionist, the author of “Get Well Stay Well” and the founder of Brisbane Natural Health.

Katherine is one of Australia’s leading naturopaths and has treated over 2,500 people. She treats everything from women’s health, fertility issues, autoimmune disease, to chronic illnesses.

Heir aim is to convey well-being data to you in a crisp, creative and precise way that induces you to need to roll out an improvement in your life. She utilised her solid instruction and clinical foundation alongside her own experience to issue you the absolute best in well-being data so you can settle on the right decisions for you.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Exciting Things in This Writer’s Life
  • Learning about Health Star Rating
  • Helping people make better choices
  • The truth about saturated fats and artificial sweeteners
  • Healthy guidelines: What’s going to be healthy and what’s not
  • Curb Sugar & Carb Cravings: Ways to Fight Sugar Cravings
  • Learning more about cancer
  • Learning more about the works of pancreas
  • Learning more about thickeners
  • Food Additives: Preservatives and Acidity Regulators
  • Health Star Rating – a front-of-pack labelling system that rates the overall nutritional profile of packaged food and assigns it a rating from ½ a star to 5 stars. It provides a quick, easy, standard way to compare similar packaged foods. The more stars, the healthier the choice.
  • A high Health Star Rating doesn’t mean that the food provides all of the essential nutrients which contribute to a balanced diet.
  • Choosing foods that are higher in positive nutrients and lower in risk nutrients that are linked to obesity and diet-related chronic diseases; (saturated fat, sodium (salt), sugars and energy), will help contribute to a balanced diet and lead to better health.
  • The Health Star Ratings are one tool to assist you in following a healthy diet
  • Your daily intake should include foods from each of the following five food groups:
    • vegetables and legumes/beans;
    • fruit;
    • grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain and/or high cereal fibre varieties;
    • lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds; and
    • skim milk, yoghurt, cheese and/or alternatives, mostly reduced fat.
  • How to make healthier choices by using the Health Star Rating to compare the overall nutritional profile of packaged food products at-a-glance.
    • Use the Health Stars Ratings to compare similar food products. Remember, the more stars, the healthier the choice.
    • Look for the Health Star Ratings on the front of packaged food products.
    • Use the nutrient information to choose products that contain less sodium, saturated fat and/or sugars.
  • The nutritionist and researchers belong in Health Star rating group
  • Health star rating foundation are not for profit but they just made the criteria
  • What’s the make sense of paying the Health Star rating system?
  • What happen if we stop eating package foods and what will it do to the economy?
  • Sugar and Cardiovascular Disease – Circulation
  • Some healthy cool foods contains added sugar for flavour or food technology reasons
  • Getting to know more about heart foundation
  • Learning more about synthetic nutrients / vitamins
  • Knowing the importance of Nutrition Counseling
  • Learning more about toxins
  • Perils of plastics: Risks to human health
  • Why is breakfast the most important meal?
  • Learning more about proper candida diet
  • Some great lessons:
    • Warning: “Sitting is the new smoking” – a ticking time bomb of ill health just waiting to explode.
    • Action Alert: Synthetic Nutrients in Organic Foods?


Where to find Katherine Maslen?

Katherine’s company website

Katherine’s Book available here: Get Well, Stay Well: Reclaim your health and get back to living

Katherine’s facebook business page

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Katherine’s Instagram business profile

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