Addendum No.01: Kelsey Ramsden Unabridged

Right now in this very moment, you are dying. There is nothing you can do to stop it; it will happen no matter what you do.

Brutal, yes. The truth – unequivocally.

Now that you know this, why are you wasting time worrying about going after what you want? 

Welcome to The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, a candid and revealing series that follows Ronsley Vaz and his guests, as they strive to unravel the inner workings of the entrepreneurial mind and explain why even the most successful among us experience Imposter Syndrome. 

If you are someone who is holding back, feeling unworthy of your success or questioning your competency as a professional, this podcast is for you.

Kelsey Ramsden is a badass entrepreneur that is completely candid, down to earth and funny (so very, very funny). She understands that even the best entrepreneurs can stumble from time to time, that sometimes you just need a pep talk to get you back on track. She has been named Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur two years running and has been recognized globally for building multiple, multimillion-dollar businesses both offline and online.

Kelsey works with a myriad of different business people. From corporate types and creatives to brand new startup leaders, she explains how to build a rich life and a business they will love. 

In 2005, Kelsey founded Tallus Ridge Development, a residential project management company in Kelowna, British Columbia. And In 2012 she founded SparkPlay, a children’s monthly subscription service based in London, Ontario.

Kelsey is a sought after speaker and is known for her funny and light bulb moment delivery, she has been on some of the biggest stages in the world, including TEDx. She is also a bestselling author for her book ‘Success Hangover: Ignite your next act. Screw your status quo. Feel alive.’ 

In this addendum of the Psychology of Entrepreneurship, Rosnley and Kelsy discuss what it is like to leave a legacy and why Kelsey believes that cancer was the greatest gift she could receive (just delivered in a shitty package). 

They work through why having successful businesses and University degrees are just the outside proof of accomplishment, but not necessarily success its self. Kelsey shares her philosophy that nothing in the record books came about from a narrow determined focus and Ronsley shares why he has never been so present in his life as right now.

Also featured in this addendum:

  • How to plan the biggest party of your life
  • The accidental way that Kelsey started her speaker’s journey
  • Why we focus on the hyper-important pursuit of mastery of self 
  • The reason we should be OK to play with an idea without expectation of success or delivery
  • Why there is magic in seeing how things can develop
  • Allowing mistakes to occur in the creative process 
  • Stopping brushing success in a venture as merely a fluke
  • How we archetype the world around us in order to control it
  • The reason Kelsey feels like she is in a jar with no label 
  • Why not knowing a lot means there is an excitement in the journey of discovery
  • That Kelsey has never felt like an impostor just an incomplete artwork
  • How to find the learning moments in every situation


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Success Hangover: Ignite your next act. Screw your status quo. Feel alive

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Author: Ronsley Vaz

Ronsley is the founder & chief day dreamer at AMPLIFY. He is an author, speaker & serial entrepreneur.

He has a Masters’ degree in Software Engineering and an MBA in Psychology and Leadership. He is known as the creator of We Are Podcast – the first Podcasting Conference in the Southern Hemisphere, and the host of The Bond Appetit Podcast and Should I Start a Podcast. He has an audience of over 3 million in 133 countries.

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