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70. Volume: Simon Cheng: Healer

Healing doesn’t have to only happen in the spiritual sense. There are so many ways to be a healer, in both your personal and professional life. Sometimes the only thing we need to do to start or facilitate the healing process is to listen.

In this volume of The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

Simon Cheng didn’t set out to be a healer, but that’s what he became.

As founder and CEO of Pique Tea, Simon loves educating people on the healing power of plants. You could say that his love of tea is really just an extension of his love of healing. Before Simon discovered the medicinal benefits of plants, he had spent an entire decade in and out of the hospital with severe health issues.

After travelling around the world for three years learning from masters of medicinal plants and breathwork, Simon learned how to heal himself. He created Pique as a culmination of everything he learned on his journey and his passion to inspire others to find their own healing. Everything Simon does as a CEO is done to help each team member realise their true potential.

This volume is all about the aspects of being a healer. Besides the insightful conversation with Simon, we touch on ways people all over the world incorporate healing into their cultures. Again, I’m not just talking about literal healing. Sometimes just changing the way you interact with the people around you can inspire healing.

Also within this volume:decorative image with the quote: The money has to be serving something else in order for it to be meaningful.
  • What makes Pique Tea different from other tea companies
  • One on one meetings with team members
  • Twin engines of growth
  • What Simon learned about healing through meditation
  • Pu’er, the origin of tea
  • The healing powers of tea
  • Unleashing our collective potential
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Are You a Healer?

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