267. The Big Idea in Your Podcast with Jay Ooi

In all the commotion of interviews, guest landings, and little intricacies of making a podcast, the big idea can get lost. How do you keep tabs on what matters most in your show?

On This Episode Of Should I Start A Podcast….

Jay Ooi has a process for executing a great show. And he never loses sight of the big idea. 

Jay Ooi is the host of Shoes Off, a podcast about the lighthearted and serious aspects of his Asian Australian culture. This guy is dedicated. He spends dozens of hours per show researching and preparing to ensure he gets the most out of each episode. Above all, he never lets go of the “big idea,” which in his case is about cultural conversations. I am in awe of his work, and we could all learn a lot from his process.

I talked to Jay about how to sustain your podcast by focusing on the big idea. Targeting the “why” can be hard to grasp, but Jay breaks it down in a simple way. He provides a detailed example of his day-to-day process. And he gets into the importance of providing perspective. Finally, Jay talks about what people should know about the Asian Australian community. Don’t miss out on advice from one of the hardest working podcasters I know. Tune in today!

Other cool stuff in this episode: decorative image qith the quote When you talk to a specific audience, they will be loyal listeners to your show. by Jay Ooi
  • Identity through your podcast
  • Getting caught up in ideas
  • Why taking notes is imperative
  • Figuring out your target audience
  • Realising “the vision.”
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Listen to Shoes Off

Follow the show on Twitter @shoesoffpodcast and Instagram @shoesoffau

Check out the Shoes Off Facebook Page

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