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253. Why You Should Monetise Your Podcast with Dan Martell

Monetising your podcast is not about getting rich. It’s about turning your podcast into something sustainable that will help others on their own journey.

On This Episode Of Should, I Start A Podcast….

Have you monetised your podcast yet? What are you waiting for?

Today’s episode is a snippet from a We Are Podcast session with legend Dan Martell. Dan is an entrepreneur and empire builder with the most inspiring attitude towards life. As the founder of Clarity and Flowtown, Dan became a millionaire at the age of 27. His podcast, Escape Velocity, is all about innovative business ideas and strategies for thought leaders.

Dan is the master of creating magnetic content that listeners can’t resist. He breaks down his 7-step process for creating your own magnetic content and how to use it to monetise your podcast. He even uses a little magnet magic on us in the process!

If you’ve been holding out on monetising because you have reservations about turning your passion into profit, I urge you to stop what you’re doing and listen right now. Dan tells us why monetising your podcast is not about getting rich. It’s about creating a foundation for future problem solvers.

Other Cool Stuff in This Episode: decorative image with the quote "Figure out what you’re going to do to monetise, not because it’s about making money, but because if you have profit, you can reinvest it to grow your craft."
  • The honest story of Dan’s past
  • What is SaaS?
  • 7 Steps to creating magnetic content
  • Why you need to monetise your podcast
  • The Oprah effect
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