#241 How to Expand on Your Niche with Brittany Stewart

241. How to Expand on Your Niche with Brittany Stewart

Creating a niche podcast certainly comes with its challenges. However, if you do it right, you could end up with quite a unique show that fills a specific need for listeners. You have to be willing to have a little flexibility with your interpretation of success. And you have to let your audience have a little freedom.

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Brittany Stewart wants her beauty podcast to reach beyond its niche.

Brittany Stewart has a background in journalism and a passion for beauty. This combination has allowed her to see the possibilities of the niche world of beauty when it comes to podcasting. Her award-winning podcast, Beauty Island, tells stories through memories connected to beauty products.  Brittany’s background at Mamamia, Australia’s largest network for women, gave her built-in know-how for niches. However, producing a podcast as a “one-woman show” as she explains it, has been a learning experience, to put it lightly.

In this episode, I got to ask Brittany some pretty eye-opening questions mainly about honing down the podcast niche market. She had some constructive advice about garnering interest in your show, as well as tailoring your reach-out emails to score awesome guests. As a journalist, Brittany understands the unbridled power words can have. So she hammered out the importance of understanding how to word your podcast description in a way that fully explains the show’s concept and sets it apart in your niche. This is definitely an episode to pay attention to, especially if your podcast fits into a niche category.

Other topics in this episode:Quote: I think communicating that straight off, so you know exactly what the podcast is about in a few sentences is so crucial.
  • Brittany’s background story
  • The podcasts that inspired her
  • Tips for cold emailing
  • The importance of clear articulation in your podcast description
  • The importance of making your podcast a priority, even if it’s a side hustle
  • Understanding your audience
  • Anchor your concept, but leave it up for interpretation
  • Audio quality and where not to cut corners


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