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What if entrepreneurs, artists, athletes & creatives had something that would make them feel less alone?

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, hosted by Ronsley Vaz, brings to the public discussion insights from New York Times bestselling authors, founders of multi-million dollar companies, Olympic athletes, clinical psychologists, professors, high profile musicians and performing artists. 

With Ronsley and his guests as the guide they will cover every perspective and angle there is on Imposter Syndrome and the internal workings of The Psychology of an Entrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur, artist, athlete or creative, one who makes something that didn't exist before, then this is for you.

Author: Shannon Morrison

Writer of words and protector of content, Shannon strives to deliver witty, informative and uncomplicated sentences. Lover of coffee, sarcasm, books and Star Wars. Moonlights as a Professional Beagle Butler and unicorn wrangler.

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