The Conversion Foundation

The Conversion Foundation is a 13 week program that delivers content that converts. When we asked a whole bunch of our customers what their biggest business problems were, 80% of them were a combination of these 3:

  1. They want more people to know what they do without having to sell and have those "icky" sales conversations.
  2. They want to feel like they are doing their best work without having to worry about leads, cashflow & time off the business. And,
  3. They want to just be themselves and not justify to their industry why their method is better.
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Creating effective marketing

There are 7 steps to getting to being recognised for Being Unique, Trustworthy & Awesome. We first find out why you and your clients are awesome, create a content marketing strategy, extract your intellectual property and content, perform continual reviews, and design you a podcast strategy (well, we are known for all things podcasting).

For anyone to create effective marketing, the messaging and the marketing have to be EASY TO CREATE and it has to CONVERT ...


The Conversion Foundation™ gives you a Podcast BluePrint on you creating a podcast with a concept that works for you and your business. You’ll know the most important bits of creating your unique podcast.

You will know and learn more about your business. What value you really bring to your clients. We will extract from you, your true value. A lot of the times, what we are truly amazing at is what we take for granted until someone points it out. This is a perspective exercise. Forest from the trees stuff.

Assets. Assets are frickin’ awesome. We will create for you content assets that you can use to begin your marketing maturity journey. With images you can use on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform, and pre-crafted social media messages. And, a lead magnet. Those are assets you can take to the bank.

There is this journey. A marketing maturity journey which we embark on. The Conversion Foundation is just the beginning. And if you like working with us, and we like working with you, it allows us to build on this marketing plinth to get to lead flow.


With The Conversion Foundation you will get:

  • 24 articles written for you that convert (between 500-600 words)
  • 100 social media messages 
  • 50 bank of images to use across multiple platforms
  • 1 lead magnet (to use to get contact details of your lead)
  • A Content Asset Plan
  • A Podcast BluePrint
  • 3 Extraction Cycles of 4 weeks each (with review & feedback sessions)
  • 1 Marketing Alignment Session
  • 1 Podcast BluePrint Session
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Leandra Brady-Walker

The F-words podcast

So for a long time I have felt like my business is a million piece puzzle without the picture on the box. But today Ronsley drew me a picture. A clear, beautiful picture that brought all of those floating pieces together into one product ecosystem and Ascending Transaction Model. I’m still scrambling under the couch looking for a few missing pieces, wondering if the dog ate some, but tonight, for the first time, I know what the overall puzzle of my business looks like.

Ask yourself...

How long would I take to write 24 articles?

Even if I outsourced this whole process, how long would I take to manage the writing, image creation, social messages, etc. ?

If someone else asked me questions about my business, in 13 weeks, how much more would I know that I haven’t considered before?

amplify agency brisbane digital marketing

Glen Carlson


“We’ve generated a clear, $60,000, $70,000 as a result of working with Amplify for just over 3 months. If I was to walk down the street and try and talk to someone about buying a $16,000, 40-week program that’s going to help position them as a Key Person of Influence, I’m going to have to really, really sell that person. And I’m going to have to talk to them about all those basic ideas, whereas the beauty of what Amplify does for us is that they create a whole content marketing echo chamber of assets. I couldn’t recommend Amplify more.”



The Foundation Setup asks you questions about your business that lets forces you to think just a bit differently about marketing before we have a strategy call in The Foundation Audition.

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