House Sessions

by We Are Podcast

21-23 May 2020

Create a thriving business through the power of podcasting 🚀


You’re invited to the world's premier interactive event for entrepreneurs, podcasters, and professionals.


**ANNOUNCEMENT: Ticket sales for House Sessions have ended! Email us if you would like to be notified first about our next event.


Feel like you're destined for more? It's time to take the power back! Welcome to We Are Podcast House Sessions.

This May, get your ALL ACCESS pass to:

🎟 Learn the secrets that catapulted everyday people into the most RENOWNED podcasters on the planet.

🎟 Establish relationships at the HIGHEST level and align your brand with true change-makers.

🎟 Build a profitable business that gives you FREEDOM — in all areas of your life.

🎟 Reveal the best strategies to THRIVE in the most uncertain time our generation has ever faced.

🎟 Oh, and if you don't have a podcast (or even a concept), we'll show you how to create, launch, and monetize a professional show that's profitable from day one AND build an entire business around it.

PLUS ... you'll get a backstage pass to see what the top podcasters do differently that exponentially boosted their income, impact, and audience. Better yet, they'll show you how YOU can do it, too.

AND we've got more than $4,000 in exclusive bonuses for every person who registers!

We Are Podcast House Sessions is for entrepreneurs, professionals, and podcasters who feel like they're destined for something more.

If you're tired of waiting for it to happen, and instead want to make it happen, surround yourself with the BEST! Our experts are here for one reason: to help YOU make an impact.

This is the world’s first multi-day, multi-stream, LIVE AND INTERACTIVE virtual video experience. 

This May, come to our house from your house, at We Are Podcast House Sessions.

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Tickets & Registration

Only USD $197 and giving you access to ALL sessions on 21st - 22nd May.

Invite to We Are Podcast House Party (Networking Event) on 22nd May.

Access to select round tables on 23rd May.

And a whole lot more (see below)!

Only USD $997 for everything from the House Sessions Ticket + an ALL ACCESS PASS to: 

  • The Green Room - Speakers Hideout
  • The Machine Room - Team Operations
  • The Partner Mansion - Access to all partners

▷ You'll also get:

  • ☆ Mastermind day (23rd May) with speaker legends to specifically work on YOUR business, podcast, and brand.

  • ☆ Access to recordings of ALL the sessions.

  • ☆ Priority access for you to interview our guest speakers in our podcast booths.
  • ☆ And a whole lot more (see below)!

Note: Mastermind tickets strictly limited to 30 people.


Ticket sales end on Tuesday, 19th May @ 11pm PT (no exceptions!).


Register NOW and receive the following exclusive bonuses absolutely FREE:

🎁 AMPLIFY Launch Accelerator
6-week Launch Your Podcast Blueprint
(Value $1,497)

🎁 AMPLIFY Growth Accelerator:
Grow and Monetize Your Existing Podcast Blueprint
(Value: $1,497)

🎁 Video for Podcasters Accelerator:
Fast-track Your Video Content, Skyrocket Your Podcast and Build Your Personal Brand
(Value: $799)

🎁  Marketing Strategies to Build Your Personal Brand:
Publish a Bestselling Book, Get Paid Public Speaking Gigs, and Build Your Audience. 
(Value: $497)

Together, these bonuses alone are worth more than $4,000!

Get your ticket and your bonuses NOW!

**ANNOUNCEMENT: Ticket sales for House Sessions have ended! Email us if you would like to be notified first about our next event.

What ticket is right for me?

Whether you're looking to supercharge an existing podcast (e.g. massively increase your audience, income, and impact), or simply want to launch a new show that has a captive audience and is easy to manage (as well as being profitable) from day one, this is the place for you!

The only difference in ticket will be how much access, and what proximity of access, you want with our experts.

The House Sessions + Mastermind Ticket will include a full day of only 30 people to work specifically on your situation — to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

If you attend with either ticket and participate in all sessions, your life will transform. Guaranteed.

How? See our ticket descriptions below.


🏠 House Sessions Ticket:

Ticket sales end on Tuesday, 19th May @ 5pm PT (no exceptions!).

What if, for USD $197, you could get access to the most renowned podcasters, entrepreneurs, and marketers on the planet to help you grow YOUR business?

Our experts will be revealing their exact blueprints so you can stand out in your industry, build a huge audience of engaged fans, and make your business insanely profitable in 2020 and beyond.

In addition to these signature keynote sessions, you will be given access to individual workshops based on where you’re at in your podcasting journey. Some of the included topics:

Stream #1 — Before Podcast:

✅ The latest and greatest business growth strategies.

✅ Step-by-step guide to launching your own podcast.

✅ How to brand your podcast for a quality first impression.

✅ Our comprehensive equipment guide for an effortlessly professional show.

✅ How to attract high quality guests (and sponsors!) from day one.

✅ All the support resources and tools to take the stress out of running your podcast.

✅ Blueprint to getting your podcast into the ears of as many people as possible.

✅ The science to structuring a compelling podcast and building a loyal audience.

✅ How to convert listeners into paying clients.

✅ Detailed guide to thriving in a virtual environment.

✅ The exact formula to turn your podcast into a profitable business.

Stream #2 — After Podcast:

✅ The secrets that catapulted everyday people into the most renowned podcasters on the planet.

✅ Blueprint to leverage your podcast into a high-growth business with infinite monetization opportunities.

✅ How to establish relationships at the highest level.

✅ How to build a team to automate and scale your podcast.

✅ How to convert listeners into paying clients.

✅ Best practice for repurposing content that grows your audience.

✅ How to build your personal brand and get featured on other high-level podcasts.

✅ Winning strategies to thrive in the most uncertain time our generation has faced.

✅ How to get mainstream media interest in your brand.

✅ The million-download panel: how to 100x the size of your audience.

We want this to be the best event you’ve EVER attended. Period.


🚀 House Sessions + Mastermind Ticket:

Ticket sales end on Tuesday, 19th May @ 5pm PT (no exceptions!).

Get everything from the House Sessions Ticket, plus a whole lot more!

Imagine if you could:

✅ Pivot (and perfect) your product using the secret strategy of one of the most respected business coaches on the planet.

✅ Learn how to write a compelling book from a 4x New York Times bestselling author and leverage it for massive growth.

✅ Craft the perfect pitch with help from the founder of an internationally recognized company.

✅ Get featured in the world's most renowned publications, podcasts, and media outlets.

✅ Discover the blueprint to connecting with ANYONE you want.

✅ The list goes on!

That’s what the Mastermind delivers. Our experts won’t just be telling you what works, they’ll be helping you DO IT right then and there. Under their guidance, implement the exact strategies to being recognized as an authority in your industry, building a business that thrives, and using the power of voice to share your unique gifts with the world.

Ask any questions as you like related to your circumstances, offer your expertise to help others, and forge life-changing relationships.

And when we say we look after our Mastermind guests, we mean it 😉

Get in fast! The Mastermind is strictly limited to 30 people.




We Are Podcast House Sessions will feature 40+ of the most recognized names in entrepreneurship, marketing, and podcasting.

The speaker lineup includes:

⁣✔️ Award-winning CEOs⁣⁣
✔️ Advisers to billion-dollar companies⁣⁣
✔️ Four-time New York Times bestselling authors
✔️ Podcasters with 100M+ downloads
✔️ The world's most successful business coaches⁣⁣
✔️ And many more.⁣⁣

They are REAL leaders who have achieved REAL results, and will give you the best strategies to thrive in the most uncertain time our generation has ever faced.


We Are Podcast House Sessions is powered by...

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