House Sessions

by We Are Podcast

21-23 May 2020

You’re speaking at the world's premier interactive event for entrepreneurs, podcasters, and professionals  🚀


Welcome to We Are Podcast House Sessions! We're excited to have you here 🙂

This page will serve as the hub for all speaker communications and updates about the event. For anything urgent, we will also email you.

see below for latest updates, program outline, FAQs.

Of course, you can always reach out to us via email too.

Thank you for supporting the inaugural We Are Podcast House Sessions! We're so grateful to have you involved.

Much love,
Ronsley & James

Speaker Updates

**All times are in US Pacific Time. New updates are first.

20th May @ 11:00pm PT

1. Access other sessions.

We of course want you to participate in as many sessions as you like!

To do so, just click either:

  • Main Room: This will be where the main keynotes will be held, as well as the 'Before a Podcast' stream.
  • After a Podcast stream: This is where all the sessions for 'After a Podcast' stream will be held. You're welcome to bounce back and forth between rooms as much as you like.

***Remember, this is ONLY if you want to attend the sessions.

For your speaking session, you will need to report to the Green Room, as per your calendar invite and as previously advised.


19th May @ 11:00pm PT

1. Agenda.

The agenda is included at the bottom of this page and can also be found here (DAY 1 | DAY 2). Please cross-reference your day / time on the agenda with what was sent to you in the calendar invite (there should be a 15 min buffer period built in to the start of the calendar notification to allow for any technical issues).

If there is a conflict, please let us know ASAP.


18th May @ 8:30pm PT

1. Your day / time / topic.

You should have just received a calendar invite with your day / time / topic. There should be a 15 min buffer period built in to the calendar notification to allow for any technical issues.

Shortly, we will post the full agenda. We ask that you cross-reference your calendar notification with the agenda so we can pinpoint any conflicts now. If there is a conflict, please let us know ASAP.


2. Link to begin your session. 

The calendar notification also included this link, which is what you'll click to access the speaker Green Room. There, we will test your internet connection, audio and video to make sure you're ready to go. Once your ready to go, you will be brought into the main room.


3. More about your presentation.

Will I be able to show slides?

Yes, you will be able to 'Share screen' just like on a regular Zoom call.

Will I be able to do a group exercise?

Yes, just let us know via email beforehand if you'd like to do this and we can make sure everything is ready. We can also play music of your choice in the background during the activity or keep it silent -- whatever you like.

Will I be able to break people up into groups?

Yes, just let us know via email beforehand if you would like to do this so we can make sure everything is ready.

Will the audience be able to ask me questions?

Yes, we will be using a platform called that will gather all attendee questions and even allow the audience to up or down vote each question so we know what is most relevant. Your MC will keep an eye on the questions and ask you as necessary. Feel free to also ask the group questions and you'll get feedback in real time.


4. Emergency contact.

On the day, if you have an emergency or need to contact us urgently, you can reach Ronsley (Australia) on +61-410-462-690 or James (USA) on +1-857-272-5283.



17th May @ 8:35pm PT

1. Speaker instructions for the event.

IMPORTANT: Ronsley has prepared this Loom video for all speakers to help you understand logistics, how to prepare / deliver, and more about the program structure (as well as speaker gatherings after the event!).



16th May @ 10:00am PT

1. Final push for numbers.

Last week, we emailed you with:

  • A promo code for your audience to get 35% off.
  • The $4,000+ in bonuses we have added.

We really appreciate a final push to your audience letting people know it's their LAST CHANCE to register before ticket sales end on Tuesday, 19th May @ 5pm PT (your promo code is valid until sales end.)

You can also access all promotional assets for any materials to include in comms.


2. Digital swagbag.

We will be providing each attendee with a digital swagbag that includes a bunch of useful resources from our speakers and sponsors. If there's a file / resource you want included, please email it to James by Tuesday, 19th May @ 5pm PT.



15th May @ 8:00pm PT

1. Event logistics.

We're finalizing last minute speaker times, but we will email you on Monday with more info regarding logistics.

You should have already received an email from us with your day / time / topic. If you haven't received one, please email James or Ronsley.


2. Event program / workbook.

We will also be giving each attendee a program / workbook that will include more info about you and where they can connect with you, so James will be reaching out to you ASAP if we have not received your bio and / or headshot.

Speakers & Program


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