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We Are Podcast Partners

Streaming LIVE around the world.

21st – 23rd May 2020

“You can’t find your voice if you don’t use it.”
Austin Kleon

“You can’t find your voice if you don’t use it.”
Austin Kleon

Welcome to We Are Podcast House Sessions…

In times of turmoil, the greatest opportunities are not just revealed — they’re created. More than 37% of American adults are now regular podcast listeners, while leading professionals and entrepreneurs amass millions of downloads and tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue. 

Yet, people everywhere have given up hope. They’re frustrated at a pandemic that turned their personal and professional lives upside down. 

More than ever, they need your help.

At We Are Podcast, we’ll be featuring 50+ of the world’s most renowned names in podcasting, entrepreneurship, and marketing to reinvigorate your business and help those who need it the most. 

The best part? These experts will be giving you the exact blueprint to leverage your voice for enormous business growth.

When the pandemic passes (and it will), your actions NOW will make all the difference. 

What is We Are Podcast House Sessions?

  • 3 day LIVE multi-stream, multi-speaker 
  • 50+ of the most renowned business experts
  • Learn all the podcasting, marketing, and entrepreneurship blueprints to thrive in the digital age
  • Use the power of voice to share your unique gifts with the world
  • Achieve exponential business growth in 2020 and beyond 🚀

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All live.

All virtual.

And all too convenient.

Join the resistance and give a voice to those who need to be heard the most.

House Sessions: 
21st - 23rd May 2020

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Amplify your authority

Align yourself with other real change makers.

Diversify your income

Earn up to USD $197 on every registration.

Empower your audience

Give your audience access to industry leaders.

Exclusive bonuses

Earn cash, commissions, and exclusive partner benefits.

Why will this be a perfect fit for your audience?

Established in 2015, We Are Podcast began as the first podcasting conference in the Southern Hemisphere. Today, its mission continues: to bring together the most extraordinary individuals and companies to help attendees humanize their business using voice.

We Are Podcast has united professionals, founders, and brands alike to give them all the tips, strategies, and resources to leverage one of the fastest growing and most exciting avenues for business growth. It also provides an opportunity for like-minded people to get together, collaborate, and explore partnerships that strengthen their client relationships while dramatically boosting their profitability.

In 2020, We Are Podcast will break the rules once more — with the world’s first multi-day, multi-stream, LIVE virtual experience. Participants will have access to:

  • Leading speakers who continue to make an impact
  • Tactical solutions to shift their business in a rapidly evolving market, and
  • Small group sessions to boost their network and take immediate action to achieve their dreams.

Welcome to We Are Podcast House Sessions.

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Every voice is unique, imperative, and a force for good.


Use your voice to empower the resilient change makers.


Align your brand with leaders and give in a time of need.


Apply proven strategies to diversify your income.

What are the We Are Podcast Partner benefits?

Aside from knowing that your audience will receive multi-day access to industry leaders to help them completely transform their business, we’ve prepared a list of benefits exclusively for our Partners:

  • Earn up to USD $197 from every ticket sold
  • Enjoy instant payouts
  • Receive house key to Partner Mansion
  • Access VIP event tickets
  • Earn cash bonuses
  • Promote your business to a global audience
  • And a whole lot more!

There’s never been a better time to align your brand with some of the most recognizable entrepreneurs, influencers, and companies on the planet. 

The best part? You can begin immediately, from the comfort of your home / office!

You can view the full list below, but you will be provided access to EVERYTHING you need to get your audience excited about the event. In addition to hype videos, social media graphics, email copy (and sequencing), and other promotional assets, partners will have the highest priority access to We Are Podcast organizers Ronsley Vaz and James Whittaker for any activity of your choosing to get people excited about the event and promote your unique partnership link.

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How do I become a Partner?

  1. Sign up

Click Become a Partner where you will be asked to answer a few short questions. This will help us ensure you’re a good fit for our partnership program and make sure we can deliver on our promises. Our team will then reach out to you ASAP to answer any questions you have and give you instant access to everything you need.

  1. Spread the word

We’re here to help! Once you’ve been approved as a Partner, you will be given instant access to hype videos, social media graphics, email copy (and sequencing), other promotional assets, and anything else you need to get people excited about transforming their lives at We Are Podcast House Sessions.

  1. Enjoy your benefits

We want to help as many people as possible to use their voice, connect the world, and stand up for what they believe in. The more people you’re able to get participating, the more benefits you’ll receive access to — with everything from instant commissions and cash bonuses, to sponsorship and unprecedented access, and a whole lot more!

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How do I become a Sponsor?


In addition to our partnership program, there will be FIVE sponsorship opportunities available. 

Aside from prominent and prolonged exposure to a global network of entrepreneurs and professionals, these sponsorships will help you establish partnerships with the speakers and brands who are featured at We Are Podcast so you can grow your business faster than ever

Delivering unparalleled value, sponsorships are available for USD $5,000 each until sold out.

Sponsor benefits:

  • Prominent exposure to a global audience before, during, and after the event.
  • 1x ‘House Sessions: Mastermind’ ticket (value: USD $997).
  • 25x ‘House Sessions’ tickets (value: USD $4,925).
  • Exclusive naming rights for select keynote presentations.
  • Contribute to swag bag (items must be received by 14th May 2020).
  • 1x interview on Amplify podcasts.
  • Provide a gift of your choice to speakers.
  • Have your company featured across our social media channels and email lists.

Do you want to align your brand with some of the most recognizable entrepreneurs, influencers, and companies on the planet? Become a We Are Podcast 2020 sponsor! 

Spots are strictly limited to 5.

Learn more about sponsorship!

A final note from our founders

Thank you for your support with We Are Podcast 2020! 

We’re excited to deliver the world’s first multi-day, multi-stream, LIVE virtual experience and help people create a differentiated, profitable, and sustainable business in this challenging time. 

We believe that every voice is unique, imperative, and a force for good. That’s why we’re incorporating a whole host of innovative elements to ensure that this year’s event focuses on the wisdom of ALL attendees, as the ultimate complement to the keynote presentations from some of the best in the business.

Our mission, in this rapidly-changing world, is to give a voice to those who need to be heard the most. We know how powerful it is when you can harness your voice and leverage it for good, and we want to help as many others to do the same. 

In May 2020, we’ll be gathering the best speakers on the planet to renew people’s spirit during what has been an extremely tumultuous period for humankind. If you believe in this mission, and align with the event’s three values — connection, collaboration, and contribution —  we would love to partner with you. 

Together, let’s empower people everywhere to make an impact — for their business, their community, and the world.

Much love,

Ronsley Vaz & James Whittaker

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We Are Podcast House Sessions

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