House Sessions

by We Are Podcast

21-23 May 2020

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You’re attending the world's premier interactive event for entrepreneurs, podcasters, and professionals  🚀


Welcome to We Are Podcast House Sessions! We're excited to have you here 🙂

This page will serve as the hub for all communications and updates about the event.

We're busy behind the scenes making sure everything is an incredible experience for you, so we ask that you first check this page if you have a question because we will do our best to include everything here —  it's where we'll be posting the latest updates before they're mentioned anywhere else.

You can always reach out to us via email too, but we'll likely be a little slower to respond  in the final week leading up to the event.

Thank you for supporting the inaugural We Are Podcast House Sessions! We promise you are going to love it.

Much love,
Ronsley & James

Attendee Updates

**All times are in US Pacific Time. New updates are first.

22nd May @ 7:37pm PT

1. Want to harness the We Are Podcast energy for your life and business?

We're gathering a small group of passionate people from all over the world who want to help each other connect, collaborate, and contribute.

We’re launching this community to help you:

▷ Grow your audience.
▷ Build a profitable business.
▷ Get featured on other podcasts as an industry expert.
▷ Book high profile guests.
▷ Be accountable to achieving your goals.
▷ Access experiences that money can’t buy.
▷ And so much more!

You won't just get regular access to Ronsley and James, you'll have leading entrepreneurs (like the speakers you've seen at the event) working with you on your business.

If you're enjoying House Sessions, you're going to LOVE We Are Members! But it's not for everyone and we want to make that very clear from the outset.

If you're interested in learning more, simply leave your name and email here and we'll schedule a 25 minute call with James to talk more about your podcasting and business goals, and whether We Are Members would be a good fit for you.


22nd May @ 12:28pm PT

1. Share your feedback on Day 1.

Tell us what you thought of Day 1! We've provided an opportunity for you to very honestly (and anonymously) give us your feedback: Day 1 Feedback

If you could spend 1-2 mins sharing your thoughts, we would greatly appreciate it.

2. How to access Day 2.

Doors to the Main Room for Day 2 will open at 1:20pm PT. Just follow the exact steps you did yesterday for the Main Room and After a Podcast stream.

Prior to that, remember you can join the Focus & Energize session with Katie.

21st May @ 11:09pm PT

1. Day 1 in the books!

Thank you to all of you for attending and bringing the energy today! We've had such great feedback so far and it's all thanks to YOU.

Remember to register for the Focus & Energize Session with Katie Krimitsos before the event tomorrow.

See you tomorrow for some more fun 🙂


21st May @ 2:07pm PT

1. Want to ask a question?

Use this link via Slido and you can ask any question you like, as well as update other people's questions if you want it answered.

Zoom chat will be disabled shortly.

2. Join the Facebook group.

Connect with everyone from the event, as well as the amazing podcaster community! Join the We Are Podcast Facebook Group.


20th May @ 9:25pm PT

1. Speaker program.

Want to get to know your House Sessions speakers!? Download the official Speaker Program.

**Just a reminder that you can also access the agenda via the earlier update (below).

2. Access event on Day One.

At the start of the event, simply go to the Main Room.

The main room will be accessible 30 mins before the official start time.

After the first keynote sessions, you will then be able to select a stream based on where you’re at in your podcasting journey:

  • Before a Podcast: Stay in main room.
  • After a podcast: Join the After a Podcast stream.  (We will also give you the link when it’s time to break.)

If you wish to switch back and forth between the streams, that is also fine! Just make sure you abide by the following security measures to protect everyone's privacy and avoid the stream getting corrupted:

  • Your camera will need to be on for attendees the whole time.
  • Your Zoom name must be your first and last name.

3. House Party + Focus & Energize.

We will be hosting the House Party (to help you connect with other amazing attendees from 15+ countries) as well as a Focus & Energize session.

To attend, you simply add each session to your calendar via the links below:

4. Download Zoom.

We strongly recommend downloading Zoom on whatever device you will use to watch the event to reduce the chance of any technical glitches.

If you can’t download Zoom, and you’re not getting audio on the stream click ‘Join audio’ and follow the prompts to join with internet audio using the dial in info provided by Zoom.


See you tomorrow for game time!!


20th May @ 5:00pm PT

1. Feedback.

First of all, we're so sorry for the delay that many of you experienced in joining the Welcome + Registration today.  We always try to do things differently, and our aim for registration was to have real people welcome you so we could answer any questions you had and ensure you had everything you needed for the event.

We had a huge unexpected surge before the deadline yesterday (registrations literally doubled), so we simply had more people than we originally planned for and will need a better process in the future. To have some people wait 20-25 mins is far from the seamless experience we had in mind.  Again, please accept our deepest apologies for the inconvenience and we have taken your feedback onboard.

While we are confident with all elements of the event itself, please let us know if over the three days any part of your experience is not as great as you had hoped. Your comments help us understand what's going on so we can fix it and make sure you're happy 🙂

2. Agenda.

Here is the official agenda for We Are Podcast House Sessions (just click on the corresponding day):


Mastermind attendees will receive information separately about day three.

Again, thank you for your support. We're excited to see you tomorrow!


19th May @ 10:00pm PT

1. Welcome + Registration.

You will receive an email shortly with links for the first part of of the event, but here is a summary:

Join us for the official welcome and (a)genda reveal! 

This will also serve as mandatory registration and give you an opportunity to meet your fellow attendees. It will begin at the following time:
  • For USA: Wed, 20th May @ 3pm PT / 6pm ET
  • For Australia: Thu, 21st May @ 8am AEST / 6am AWST
  • For Europe: Wed, 20th May @ 11pm BST / 12am CEST
*Add this to your Google Calendar.

*Then, when the event starts, click this link and you'll be welcomed in.

Schedule for registration event:

  • First 30 mins: Welcome and registration.
  • Next 15 mins: (A)genda reveal and house keys.
  • Final 45 mins: Meet the other house guests.

Here is also a quick greeting and will get you prepared for the next few days: Watch video.

Once you register at the Welcome Event, you will receive all the links to the rooms for the event, with instructions on how to attend and best make use of your time at House Sessions.

Woohoo! We're almost live 😀


17th May @ 12:05pm PT

1. Podcasting booth.

Our speakers will be available so you can interview them on your podcast! This will be done using the awesome tech provided by SquadCast.

'House Session + Mastermind' ticket-holders will have priority access to book a podcast with our speakers, then any remaining sessions will be made available to the 'House Sessions' ticket-holders.


2. Upgrade to 'Mastermind' opportunity.

We're upgrading two lucky people to a 'House Sessions + Mastermind' ticket (value: USD $997)!

If you've got a 'House Sessions' ticket and want an upgrade, simply:

  • Record a brief video (30 - 45 secs) to talk about: a) Why you're excited for We Are Podcast, and b) Why you want a Mastermind ticket.
  • Post that video to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.
  • Tag @squadcastfm @libsyn and #WeArePodcast.

Don't sleep on this opportunity! We'll be announcing winners in the next 48 hours 🔥


3. Recent trailer.

Check out the most recent trailer for We Are Podcast House Sessions!


17th May @ 6:30pm PT

1. Comms.

You will receive an email in the next 48 hours with more information about the event, including:

  • (A)genda reveal
  • Registration times
  • How to prepare for the event


2. Registration bonuses.

To keep it simple, bonuses will be delivered in the first week after the event.


3. Questions for speakers.

You will absolutely have the chance to ask questions to the speakers, so we suggest looking up the speakers beforehand and having questions prepared based on your situation. We will do all we can to make sure all of your questions are answered.


14th May @ 8:30pm PT

The official agenda will begin on Thursday, 21st May at 1:30pm PDT.

There will be mandatory registration times on Wednesday, 20th May from 11:00am PDT.

To help you determine the event day / time in your region, see below:

21st - 23rd May:
1:30pm - 9:00pm (PDT)
3:30pm - 11:00pm (CDT)
4:30pm - 12:00am (EDT)

21st - 23rd May:
9:30pm - 5:00am (BST / WEST)
10:30pm - 6:00am (CEST)

22nd - 24th May:
6:30am - 2:00pm (AEST)
4:30am -12:00pm (AWST)

22nd - 24th May:
4:30am - 12:00pm (SGT / HKT / MYT)
5:30am -12:30pm (JST)

^Event dates are one day later (i.e. 22nd - 24th May) due to time difference.

Like any event, times are subject to slight change but we will communicate that with you.

Stay tuned! We're LIVE in one week.














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