I'm here for the 5 Tools to attract clients to my business with Clubhouse

Bonus: LIVE training - 16 tactics & tools to save you time, energy & money on Clubhouse 


  • Do you wish you could show up on Clubhouse with a LIVE audience of your ideal clients who actually want to hear what you have to say?
  • And, maybe struggle how to even start on Clubhouse? And, how it will grow your business?
  • Been burning through other strategies to get a captive audience with no real luck?
Yes? Well, you need these 5 tools & 16 tactics.


What if there was a way for you to get heard by the right people? What if they also happen to be the perfect clients that your business specialises in helping?


How it works is simple: It takes the best of Clubhouse and the best of podcasting to give you paying clients everyday. It creates the entire ATTRACT funnel (top, middle and bottom) for your business.

This method, it’s called “Clubcasting”.

It is your #1 source for massive business growth in 2021. And I’m going to walk you through exactly how to do it.

Hi, I'm Ronsley! →

I've been in the audio world for over 8 years now. Actaully, I lie. I've been in the audio world for over 21 years. I started as a DJ played some pretty cool shows and events. Learned how music works, and got extremely technical because I just finished an engineering degree. I don't want this to be about me, but if you don't know who I am, and why I could be the teacher you've been looking for. I want to do this in dot points, so we can move on:

    • I'm a learner. I have 2 Masters' degrees. One in software engineering & the other in business. I wrote a thesis of 45,000 words to get one of those Masters' degrees. Interviewed over 1300+ people for podcasts and live interviews.
    • I am an author. My book and our AMPLIFY framework is implemented in some of the world's most influential podcasts. It focuses on using a podcast for your business.
    • I am a speaker. My TEDx talk about having Deep Conversations was made a TED talk and you can find it on the TED.com website.
    • I am a partnership creator. I signed an exclusive deal with Amazon in Australia for my company The Library of Sound to upload to Audible. Impacted over 400,000+ girls that have been saved from sex trafficking.
    • I am an entrepreneur. My first business was a failed restaurant that left me and my wife with $478,000 of debt, which we paid of in 2 years and 1 month because I started a podcast called Bond Appetit 7 years ago.
    • I am a connector. And, I love Clubhouse! I've been on Clubhouse for longer than most people have and have found lots of very interesting ways to use this platform to grow an audience and invite them to work with you as clients. Click here if you want to check out my recent & upcoming Clubhouse Rooms.

a clubhouse room with some of the most influential problem solvers on the planet

a clubhouse room with some of the most influential problem solvers on the planet

That's it! enough about me. if you really want to know more about me, you can just google my name and find my work 🙂

So, I suppose the obvious next question is ...

What is Clubcasting & how to Clubhouse clever?

Well clubcasting takes the best of Clubhouse and the best of Podcasting to you clients for your business. It is a 5 step method that gives you access to a new audience every week, engaged prospects that like who you are, & happy clients that can't wait to start working with you.

With Clubcasting and this 5 step method, you USE Clubhouse instead of Clubhouse using you.

If you would like to go from being the best kept secret in your industry to being the person of influence amongst your peers & audience, then there is a 5 step process that helps you get just that. It works and I want you to try it. Start with positioning. Please don't skip step 1.

Step 1: Position:

In this step we create an ATTRACT & personal branding strategy for you and your business. We focus on your uniqueness, identify your audience & locate your partners to position you perfectly for the next steps.

Step 2: Profile:

Here we launch your Clubhouse profile and tweak it to perform for better search results. We profile you to attract the audience that want your next step, and introduce you to your moderator squad.

Step 3: Present:

In this step we focus on the right gear to make your live clubhouse rooms amazing. We schedule your live rooms and train you to run them properly. We will also allow you to copy all our Zapier workflows. These include one that takes all your Clubhouse events and makes them social posts as well as blog posts with clickable links.

Step 4: Publish:

Here we will nurture your prospects & publish world class content with your podcast. We will teach you how to repurpose your content for maximum reach. We focus on fixing the #1 problem with Clubhouse. Which is, the gold that is said on clubhouse is now captured and can be made hero content. We have been doing this for 7 years and would love to teach you this simple hack. 

Step 5: Profit:

This is the step where we take your engaged audience and sign A-grade clients from there. Here we will go through how to triage for effortless selling. No one wants to spend thier time talking to the wrong clients who frustrate you and don't land up buying from you. In the step we will filter your 1-on-1 conversations so that there is never an icky sales conversation.

And, I will break all this down further in the LIVE Training. 

Attracting clients with Clubhouse

(image: Top, middle bottom funnel worksheet)


(image: A group of entrepreneurs on Clubhouse)

Most business owners right now are making these mistakes that I would like you to avoid ...

  1. Forget Step 1 (Position)
  2. Dabble here and there into Clubhouse with no plan
  3. Spend hours on Clubhouse trying to get into large rooms
  4. Give up & write a post about how bad Clubhouse is
  5. Associate yourself with the wrong crowd on Clubhouse
  6. Not setup your profile, links & emoticons correctly for best search results
  7. Create just another "Start with my question is..." room on Clubhouse

To avoid making these mistakes, follow the 5 steps above in order to best place yourself to get the most out of Clubhouse.

And, I will help you design your whole 'Clubhouse sales funnel' at the lIVE training.

I'm here for the 5 Tools to attract clients to my business with Clubhouse

Bonus: LIVE training - 16 tactics & tools to save you time, energy & money on Clubhouse