181. The Sacred Feminine: Women Are the Original Entrepreneurs with Leonie Percy

Leonie Percy is a loving mother, passionate yoga and mindfulness teacher, and author of Mother Om. She is the founder of Yoga Mamata and teaches mums how to mother in the moment and be mindful. Leonie is a mentor for mums, teaching them how to find joy creating a business they love. Her mission is to keep families connected.

Leonie has been practising yoga for over 20 years. She combined her experience of going through a divorce, becoming a single mother, her degree in psychology and her passion to keep families connected and to create her business, Yoga Mamata. She lives in Sydney with her son Lael, partner Jarkko and their daughter, Luna–Joy.

Moreover, Leonie is the author of Mother Om: Connect with yourself and your child in one mindful moment a day. The book has been endorsed by Sarah Naphtali (Buddhism for Mothers) and Maggie Dent, parenting expert and author.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What it takes to become a powerful person
  • How important the sacred feminine is and the little things women do
  • How we can move the human race forward
  • Leonie’s wildlife adventure in several countries
  • About Leonie Percy and what she does – leoniepercy.com
  • How she defines mindfulness
  • Leonie being a vegetarian and her love of chilli
  • Leonie on how she engages in business/entrepreneurship, started out in the corporate world and engages in KPI
  • How yoga helps Leonie with her struggles in life and relationships
  • About Yoga Mamata and Leonie’s mission
  • Her journey of being a victim, absolute anger, dealing with emotions, acceptance and forgiveness
  • How guilt and anger can be useful and detrimental
  • Parenting, dealing with a mother’s guilt, putting ego aside and listening to your intuition
  • How the KPI programme works for Leonie and what didn’t work for her
  • How food affects her life and her family
  • How Leonie makes her ‘Journal’

Know more about Leonie Percy

Who would you love to have dinner with and where?

‘I saw a picture of Angelina Jolie today and she is supper skinny right now. She divorced Brad and I would like to just connect with her and tell her that I think she is amazing… and that divorce is horrible with children.

‘She is just an inspiration with her charity work, and I love her as an actress, and she is so beautiful. Yeah, I felt like I actually would like to meet her and just give her a big hug right now.’

Where would you like to have that meal?

‘I don’t know, just somewhere very beautiful.  Maybe, Hawaii. I am feeling called to Hawaii right now.’

Last meal on the planet?

‘Oh, Japanese. I’m having a big 40th.  It is all Asian banquet style. I going to wear a Chinese dress and have Geisha hair. For me, it’s my favourite cuisine. Just sushi, sashimi… yeah, I love Japanese food.’


Where to find Leonie Percy

Website: About Leonie Percy

Leonie Percy’s Podcast

Yoga Mamata

Mother OM

Facebook Yoga Mamata

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