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 We Are Podcast 2019 

November 7-9, 2019

What is We Are Podcast?

We Are Podcast is a conference that focuses primarily on small business owners who want to create or sustain a podcast. We focus on the commercial intent, the return on investment for the business owner — and we marry those things with each person’s unique and creative qualities. 

You don’t have to be a starving artist or sell out; there is a middle path. We believe that a big part of making your “art” is making it sustainable. We Are Podcast is designed to show you how.

We Are Podcast is about community. We started the conference in 2015, with the goal of giving podcasters and entrepreneurs, a place to congregate and share learnings once a year.

We Are Podcast exists to help people leverage the power of audio marketing and craft a podcast or enable an existing one to flourish. It’s a conference that never loses sight of the practical, deconstructing what the pros are doing and providing concrete strategies that you can replicate.

We’ve taken everything we learned the prior three years and put it all into WAP 2018, and it’s going to be our best event yet!

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“Audio is one of the deepest and most engaging forms of content. You can consume a podcast while jogging or cooking. It’s not in competition with something else for people’s increasingly scarce attention.”

Who is We Are Podcast For?

We Are Podcast isn’t for everyone. It’s for a select group of people who want to solve meaningful problems. It’s for people whose frustration with the status quo outweighs their fear of the unknown. It’s for people who want to put their soul into the game. It’s for people who want to learn (or get better at) how to commercialize their creativity. It’s for disruptors, outliers and paradigm shifters. It’s for people who genuinely care.

Hosted by Amplify Agency

Every time you have a conversation you communicate tons of information. At Amplify, we know the incredible potential of that information and, we harness it to achieve attention, engagement & sales for you and your business.

If you don’t already know us — Amplify is an award-winning digital marketing agency and the world's first audio marketing agency. We like to think that we’re always innovating and thinking of new ways of turning conversation into effective marketing strategies and high-quality content that perfectly reflects your brand.

We offer a wide range of products & services built around the 7-step AMPLIFY framework. Our team aims to create genuine leads, clients, and profit, and make your mark on the world by harnessing the power of audio. Get in touch — we’d love to hear from you!